Should there be far less attention paid to girls' body image?

  • Girls Are Beautiful, no matter what society says.

    Girls get attacked way too much for how they look. They are beautiful just the way they are. Make-up isn't bad but society makes it look like the "insecure" girls wear make-up. Make-up flounts girls' natural beauty. If you feel like you aren't worth it, list everything that you like about yourself. If you can't think of anything ask your friends what they like about you.

  • Pay attention to whats on the Inside not outside ....

    Most of the time people obsess about there appearance because they don't feel good about themselves .... Problem is , when your looks run out and they will , you are left feeling ugly on the inside ... Rather place your attention on whats inside that way you always feel great no matter what :-)

  • No we should no pay attention

    We are all made like this for a reason and it doesn't matter what you look like because we are all perfect just the way we are. Being someone who plays sport I know that I you have to be cautious of what I eat. If you're fat, skinny, tall or short we are all the same.

  • Yes, we should not pay attention to girls' body image.

    We are so focused on promoting a sexy image for women that we are forgetting what real women look like. When we look at magazines we aren't even looking at the real body of the person we see. Everything is photoshopped into what corporations believe we should be, but that is not how we should really be. We are promoting unhealthy bodies and ruining what real women are.

  • There is too much focus on girls body image and they are being influence to look like celebrities from the media and other companies.

    The way girls view themselves has always been an issue. However the negative impact of the way girls are portrayed in the media has come to prominence in recent years. The media needs to be more responsible in the ways in which they portray these girls. Today I will be discussing how attention paid to girl’s bodies affects them in a number of ways.

  • Less attention should not be payed, it should just be payed differently.

    Girls body image is an important part of their self esteem and is also an important part of attraction and social interaction. While I do agree that the standards of anorexic models with big "balloon boob" breast implants disgusts me and should not be allowed, I do feel that there should be just as much attention payed to body image, but in a positive way. For instance, instead of valuing distorted, unhealthy, and impossible body images, we should instead display images of woman that are extremely healthy, athletic, or display the beauties of intelligence and positive self-esteem.

    Athletes have amazing bodies and also help encourage girls to work hard, be successful, have self-worth, and be beautiful at the same time. What man shouldn't want that in a woman? I don't know if most people have noticed, but runners, fitness models, and (healthy) dancers are f'ing HOT! They make normal models look ugly, disgusting, and weirdly disproportionate in comparison.

    The images should also greatly discourage body alteration and augmentation. Plastic surgery should be reserved only for those individuals with deformities or disfigurement, like it should be, so that women can learn to find their own inherent beauty instead of never being satisfied with themselves. This idea that you can or should alter your looks through surgery only brings people to feel dissatisfied with themselves and feel bad about who they really are. Besides, there are many men that REALLY don't like the "plastic look" (me being one of them, what a major turn-off!). If this was encouraged by society, most men would probably come to agree in very short order. The attraction to these disproportionate body shapes in men are simply a trend and the result of men also giving into social pressures but has no basis in actual natural attraction. Men are built to be attracted to natural healthy women's bodies, not women with weirdly large boobs that cause horrible back pain and don't fit their anorexic bodies caused from eating habits that cause them to be so unhealthy that they can't stand too long without passing out since they will probably die in a month or so from all the health issues.

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