Should there be federal funding to help those with learning disabilities?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It's hard for me

    Well for one thing, I don't believe federal government should get involved in things like this. I believe that should addressed by the states, but even better, by private charities and institutions. Don't take this as a definite yes or no. I'm kinda torn on this. What do you guys think?

  • Learning Disabilities Are Not That Bad

    As someone with a learning disability, I can tell you it not that end of the world to have one. Being blind, deaf, having a wheelchair, etc are harder to deal with, and government should help them to a point. Learning disability kids have Special Ed paid for by our tax dollars that helps them. Colleges offer services to the learning disabled, and so do other agencies for job placements. However, most people do learn how to manage their disability once they are diagnosed.

  • Why help those who can't help themselves.

    There should not be federal funding to help people with learning disabilities. That job should go to the state or local charities. Why waste more money we do not have. The national debt is already $17 trillion thanks to these massive entitlements. And with Obamacare ruining the economy we should stop the federal government from getting more involved in our lives.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-25T14:31:05.480
Only if you can cure the disease. Otherwise, it's a waste of money.