Should there be further repercussions towards presidents whose decisions have led to major USA casualties or offense? E. G. George bush with the Iraq war.

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Should there be further repercussions towards presidents whose decisions have led to major USA casualties or offense? E. G. George bush with the Iraq war.
  • Yes, But all 3 branches of government should receive the same punishment

    Sometimes a President's decision can lead to casualties, Such as Trump's handling of the coronavirus. He is responsible for many American deaths, Yet cannot be punished. There should be checks and balances for this, Ensuring that a President can get punished for his actions. However, The President should not be a scapegoat. It is much easier to blame the President because he is in the public's eye more often than Congress and the Supreme Court altogether. Furthermore, It is easier to put blame on one man rather than a group of them because members of the group will all claim to be innocent, Making it impossible to apprehend the perpetrator. All in all, The President's bad decisions should be punishable, But only if Congress and the Supreme Court are also appropriately punished in return.

  • Lack of responsibility

    Donald Trump has and continues to be oblivious when it comes to corona and refuses to take any responsibility trying to pin it on anyone but himself. He has further encouraged injecting yourself with cleaning solutions. He has made statements like "This will go quickly" without any backing evidence which has further proved to be false as time has gone on. This has resulted in the death of 65000 American citizens. This still death count continues to rise. Action from the president during this time would not have necessarily stopped all of the deaths but would have easily prevented the virus from getting so widespread. This is a very specific opinionated piece but I'm interested to see what others have to further say about other presidents.

  • Congress has a huge role to play.

    People seem to forget that we have THREE branches of Government. The Executive Branch (The President), The Legislative Branch (The House and the Senate), And The Judicial Branch (The Supreme Court). The President cannot do much without the support of Congress. Despite what people say about the current Coronavirus crisis "being Trump's Fault", They seem to forget that there's an entire other branch of Government that also played a part in current events (ignoring that China is the source of the entire, Worldwide pandemic for a moment. )

    The House and Senate are equally to blame as the President. Bush, For instance, Required the backing of Congress, In order to go to War in Iraq.

  • Good intentions are manipulated by darker forces.

    The current president, Trump, Tries to get stuff done but he can't get stuff done the right way because he's cock-blocked by demoncrats in the house and congress who want something in return for helping those in need.

    The story you don't see in the coverage of him telling others to inject people with cleaning solutions is yet another story that wasn't fully told by the media as the person asking the question was harassing Trump before they started asking him questions. Trump even said this was sarcasm and I don't blame him for not conveying it properly, He's exhausted by the Satan worshiping leftists.

    In order to get shit done he's had to sign countless executive orders, And be politically smeared for things that would otherwise be viewed as good. He has stopped immigration which has helped with the spread as people from all over the world inhabit America, And usually have contacts to other people in other countries. The more diversity and people in an outbreak, The worse it will be.

    Most of the shit the Satan worshiping leftist media blames Trump for is the fault of Congress and the house of representatives.

    Donald Trump isn't responsible for the virus, And the virus sadly isn't going to go away easily period. If businesses don't start up soon the deaths from poverty from those out of work will vastly outnumber the Americans dying from corona, At least in the short term.

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