Should there be gender mixed martial arts tournaments?

Asked by: CaptainDogma
  • But not every mma tournament

    It should exist. It could be done right. But it would have to consider the differences between men and women. Women should fight men who are two weight classes lower than they are so there is an even chance. That could work out as that takes into consideration that men have a natural advantage and compensates for it.

  • If women want to fight

    , let them. Even if they don't stand a chance statistically, it's never fair to refuse them the opportunity. If the man wins, he would have to be exempt from being ridiculed for hitting a woman and if the woman wins, she should be celebrated and the man not ridiculed for losing to a woman. Women can have some mighty strong legs, so it's not like they'd be doing nothing, plus their pain tolerance (not threshold) is higher.

  • Why do people care so much?

    Yeah. Why is it such a big deal? Some people may want to doit and if they have trained they should be able to decide. A good compromise would be to have a womens tournament, a mens tournament, and a mixes gender tournament. I dont see how anyone could posdibly be against that.
    By the way even if we were to assume that on average men were physicslly stronger, that lovic diesnt apply to this because it is an average. If a particular woman were to train for 8x as long as a particular man she would beat him. It all depends on the specific circomstances. You cant just ban mixed gender tounoments because you think they cant handle it. It isnt your decision.

  • Starting with support

    Let's see how far we can get with this poll until the 25th. I think something like this could make the whole martial arts scene much more interesting and it'd be another real step towards creating an actual equal society I think, and help open door to new potential. Thank you.

  • Not fair at all.

    There is no way this can ever be a good idea, first off, I don't care if it's "fake" having a sport that involves someone physically stronger fighting someone not as strong as them is never something to be encouraged. Doesn't matter if they're in the same weight class, men are stronger than women. That's how life is. We have gender and weight categories to keep everything as consistent as possible between the 2 fighters.

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