Should there be gender neutral cabins at summer camps?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes, but the children and parents of those children should agree if they should be in it.

    The argument that teens will just have sex is flawed on quite a few levels. I think adults tend to overestimate teenage libitos. I personally think that if the child thinks that they would benefit from co-ed rooming and the parent consents, they should be allowed to. I personally would feel much safer and happier if I were in a co-ed room as I do not identify with my birth sex or with either of the two binary genders. As much as people may protest that or tell me I'm a snowflake, the reality is I'm not alone in identifying outside of the binary, and I'm even less alone in being not fully heterosexual. Strictly gendered living quarters aren't good for everyone, and that should be acknowledged by camps if they want to be truly inclusive.

  • Some people do not identify as male or female.

    Gender neutral cabins would benefit transgender and intersex people. It would help them feel like they belong. Not having these would be discriminatory towards them. Yes, putting females and males together might prove to be a bad idea because teenagers cannot be trusted, but only putting transgender and intersexual people would be fine.

  • Not now, not ever.

    First off sex and gender are one and the same. There are only two genders for humans male and female. Gender neutrality and all these other strange sounding terms the sjw snowflake left has come up with are all a pathetic attempt to get people to think that they are so special. In reality almost no one is all that special, really. Telling young kids that they are special, not keeping them straight, and giving them rewards for everything including losing is what brought all of this about in the first place.

    Gender neutrality and all those other fake ones are also a result of mental sickness that needs to be addressed via a councilor and/or treated.

    Posted by: R603
  • W t f

    Considering the typical teen behavior, I think this is a very bad idea. Teens tend to be horny. Teens also tend to rebel against morals and rules. The same could also apply to some elementary and middle school kids. Even if they have hit sexual maturity yet, I wouldn't risk it.

  • It would ruin the experience of being at summer camp

    The purpose of summer camp is to experience new experiences and meet new people. By having gender neutral cabins, you would be taking away potential friendships, and a diverse experience especially like that of hanging out with the opposite sex.

    Furthermore, what would the purpose of having gender neutral cabins? Is it to prevent/protect (primarily females) people from acts of sexual harassment? There should be a supervisor there ensuring the protection of all campers. If they are skeptical, they can rearrange which genders sleep on which side of the campus. However, there is no need to have gender neutral cabins.

  • No, people would abuse it.

    First of all, I am sorry for the trans phobic people who said no.
    Secondly, I think no because people would abuse them. Kids would say they are gender neutral to go with the opposite sex. It is a good idea, but people would abuse the idea of it. But, some camps are already using the gender neutral cabins, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

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