• Fireworks are Unnessesary

    Fireworks should have strict times and days when they are permitted to occur. I own 3 dogs, and it can be hugely distressing to them if fireworks are going off when I am on a walk. I am happy to plan my dog walks around celebrations if I know when they are occurring, but ad hoc fireworks really do have a negative impact on my life.

  • More stringent regulation of fireworks places importance on safety

    Many people get injured through the use of fireworks every year. These people often include children and young adults. Although the current regulations vary by state, I believe that it should be made very difficult for people to obtain fireworks that are deemed dangerous in order to prevent further accidents.

  • Support Stronger Regulation on Firework

    We all grew up playing or watching fireworks. They are a strong part of American culture. However, as we mature as a society we need to protect our children and homes from irresponsible use of these dangerous items. We need to make sure that children are not getting their hands on "sticks of dynamite" and that adults who use them do not cause fires that will harm their neighborhoods.

  • Regulation is too strict currently

    There are already laws in place that regulate the type of fireworks that are acceptable and where they can be used in most municipalities. These regulations aren't followed, especially on major holidays. Policing of these regulations far outweigh any monetary gains made by enforcing them. Also, I believe that as long as people aren't using them in a manner which is destructive to anyone's property or person, then we should allow them to be used. The code of law in place will cover any instances of misuse under those guidelines.

  • No there should not

    I read the comments from those who are in favor of more regulations against fireworks and it seems to be a pattern. The argument is that it will prevent children from getting hurt. Well last time I checked kids cannot buy the type of fireworks that would hurt them. Anytime you see a child with a bottle rocket or fire cracker it was given to them by an adult (most likely a parent). I am sick of this BS that we need to restrict things to protect people from themselves. Don't want children to have fireworks? That's not up to you, it's up to their parents. Don't want fireworks going off because of your dog? Don't adopt a dog then. Should we ban cats so dogs don't bark at them out the window? What about the mailman? Was a crock.

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