• Students have rights to 4 extra hours

    There should be at least four extra hours in our lives. It won't kill us. Students would be able to study more, instead of listening to a teach rant for half the hour, and expect them to get a three page essay done in thirty minutes. It is completely unfair for the students.

  • Why should kids have a half day off?

    It's quite simple in fact school days are 8 long hours or more and who knows it is going on in there minds as in they have to take care of there siblings who they had left at home for school. I think that at least one half day a month is necessary or just one day f this topic.

  • 4 hours off won't ruin their grades.

    They already HAVE 15 POUNDS OF HOMEWORK! Unless they're some nerd who does their homework without struggle, Then they'll want extra time off. I get it that the USA is going up in flames, But JEEZ, It's just time off. So I'm no genius or rocket scientist, But I think America can survive with half days on fridays.

  • They should be.

    Half days on fridays will give students and teachers the break they need, And half days on fridays will give janitors and other staff time to repair things, With the janitors, They need to clean the facility up. So yes, There SHOULD be half days on fridays, Plus, Many kids wish this.

  • Students and Teachers Need time off.

    It's not just the students but also the teachers, They also want a break. Students should have their own right to their time, School takes up 6-7 hours of it a day. That means less time to spend with family and friends. It is important to create strong relationships with friends and family.

  • Kids need a break from school.

    They need time to themselves or time to spend with family/friends. It is important for kids to socialize with other people. Also if a kid gets a break from school then they would learn better and easier. I think that schools should have half days every Friday or Wednesday because Wednesday is at the halfway point of the week.

  • Shorter school please

    School is destroying lives how you ask? Well school is good in most ways but in some it does nothing but the opposite and the reason why is school hours are too long. 8:00 to 315 that is 7 hours and to make it to school on time you have to wake up at 7:00 and that is the maximum most kids walk up at 6:30 or 6: 40 to get to school on time.

  • It helps children do their homework faster and easier.

    I think as a child, I've been able to leave school on Fridays at 11:25 am.
    So I that's why I think that why did they change it in 2020?
    Can they bring back the OLD way?
    Where you were free to go at 11:25 am?
    Please read this! Its important!

  • Short days? The Best!

    I think we SHOULD have short days on Fridays, And I would say, Me and most other people have some pretty good points.

    1. Friday's are the start of the weekend! We shouldn't have to do a whole long day of school, When basically it's already the weekend.

    2. Shorter Friday's call for more fun! I know most people will disagree with me for this one, But. . . Most student's hopefully will agree. Friday's are what most people call, "Fun Friday's" but, With longer school days, Is it really fun? Think about it. We have most fun in our homes with family and friends. With longer school days, We have less time to spend time with our loved ones.

    3. More practice. Again, Students might disagree but adults may? With shorter time at school, We have more time to practice. Sometimes, Teachers aren't the ones who help us get our brains to think. Sometimes, It's our parents, Friends, Tutors, Or even ourselves. During school though, We don't have access to anything.

    These are all my reasons. I hope these are quite reasonable. And this is why I say, "Yes please! "! :D

  • Start the weekend!

    Students should start the weekend off with a bang! They will enjoy having extra time to play games, Watch videos, Sleep, Nap, Eat, Enjoy, Be happy, Not stressed, Live life, Love life, Read books, Read audio books, Do homework for an empty weekend, Be outside, Be social with other students!

  • American International Standings

    I am currently a high school student and would love nothing more than having a half-day Friday. I mean how awesome doe that sound? But, realistically, it couldn't happen. Roughly half a million students in 65 nations and educational systems representing 80 percent of the global economy took part in the 2012 edition of PISA, which is coordinated by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD.
    The numbers are even more sobering when compared among only the 34 OECD countries. The United States ranked 26th in math — trailing nations such as the Slovakia, Portugal and Russia. What’s more, American high school students dropped to 21st in science (from 17th in 2009) and slipped to 17th in reading (from 14th in 2009), according to the results. Less school hours means less time for learning and teaching, compressing the school year, giving students too much information in too short a time to fully understand, ultimately making America drop more in the ratings.

  • It would push american schools back further.

    America is already really far behind because you get two days off a week, a lot of breaks and a whole summer off. The last thing we need is half days for Friday. Besides, even if this did happen schools would just have to cut another month off of summer to make up for it.

  • Difficult for Curriculum

    The supporting factor of my response is the otherwise difficult adressment toward the curriculum. Teachers already have a tight amount of time to teach their students, and half days on Friday's just because it makes it "less boring" doesn't give the excuse that school is not boring, it is only boring because you make it seem boring. Fridays are just another school day.

  • No, Students should not get Fridays as half days

    Students getting time off of schoolwork would probably make them not smart enough for later grades, Not prepared for jobs because this isn't gonna happen at work, Parents would have to reschedule work days, Students with learning disabilities or are slow at learning would not be able to get everything in on Fridays, And students don't need a break since they already get so many breaks.

  • No School on Wednesday

    Some students may like to not have school, But most students are already struggling in schools. Most students may have late work, And it wouldn't be fair to leave school when they need to finish there work. Also, Most students won't do there work at home, They would like to enjoy the day off.

  • Friday school 1/2 day closing

    How will early closing on Fridays save money? Will they be cutting teachers salaries to make savings? Probably not. At the risk of stating the obvious - and given that teachers already have 6 weeks holiday in summer, Maybe they could put in a little effort on Friday afternoons?

  • You Don't need less school

    Because if there is not enough school everyone will be behind and not prepared for higher grades. Dsdf bs b bgssbr. Rt s regw sv v re re es fe fs fres esr serfee s esrsf fer er r. R rssfe. Fesr. Fee r ee se

  • I am a Student.

    I'm always busy trying to make up work that putting too much stress on my health and my sleep. I have friends that are staying up till 3 in the morning knowing that they have to get up at 6 7 am to get ready for school just so they can get their work handed in on time. I'm always tired and i find myself sleeping in class and when i get home all i want to do is sleep. Giving us at least 2 half a days on Fridays every month would most likely have a greater affect on us to work to the best of our ability.

  • Half days? Oh please...

    Do you want to be lenient on pupils? They've just had a whole week and you want to give them a half day. They are, firstly, half a day away from finishing school for the week, and it will pay off on the long run (I'm talking about the future, people, hear ye). Others shouldn't be investing in the education of the modern generation if they aren't going to be going to school for half a day. Plus, Fridays are the best day of the whole week! You have the satisfaction of knowing that the weekend has just arrived.... ....PARTY TIME!

  • Whats The Point?

    Heres what I think. If you do this students will just be left further behind and in the older grade of their education they will need as much help and knowledge to get past final exams and hopefully have a chance to go to better universities. In my eyes their just no point.

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