Should there be harsher consequences for bullies in school? Please answer!

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  • Its rude stop

    They need to be stopped the only way is is to give bad punishemnts they woont k l lear otbet wise. Ppl van hurt themselves and it wont be good only the bullies fault. Bullies need to be stoppped and bullying needs to end once and for all bc it is bad

  • Its rude stop

    They need to be stopped the only way is is to give bad punishemnts they woont k l lear otbet wise. Ppl van hurt themselves and it wont be good only the bullies fault. Bullies need to be stoppped and bullying needs to end once and for all bc it is bad

  • Yes, they should!

    Some people claim that bullies are hurt themselves but they don't have to take it out on someone. Bullies should be the ones who can relate to their victims. Also, bullying seriously kills someones pride. NO ONE can be happy when people say things like "Go crawl into a hole and die"!

  • Bully's Need To Learn

    Bully's go through a lot, that's why they do what they do. Overall bully's need to learn to talk to someone about there problems instead of taking anger out on others. If schools had better consequences, bullying wouldn't be a problem. Everyone has there own opinion, and this happens to be mine..

  • It wouldn't stop otherwise.

    I have been bullied before. All the teachers ever did was tell me to 'ignore' it or talk to the bullies. Once or twice they even got suspended, but they'd always come back, and it didn't affect them at all. You know what I'm like now? Thanks to that bullying, I'm socially insecure, shy and have moderate social anxiety. Bullying can HARM people- make them paranoid, give them mental issues, kill them if its physical and worse. Bullying should be punishable by police action, in fact. After all, you'd want death threats to be punished, right? You'd want torture to be reported to the police, right? Well guess what. To those victims of bullying, bullying is a form of torture- torture that never goes away until something extreme is done about it. Its absolutely apalling, how little is done about bullying in some schools- it really is.

  • Bullies need to learn

    I've been bullied before, and it really hurt my self-esteem. I'm over it now, because it's been years, but when it actually happened to me, I was sad. Bullies are smart. They think they can get away with it, and at least that's what my bully thought. If there are harsher consequences, they would learn not to bully. I do understand that many bullies come from not so good families, but that shouldn't be an excuse to torture others.

  • Bullies need consequences so bad they will be sure to stop!!

    Bullies need to understand that what they're doing is so wrong! Bullies should get a lot more consequences. No one should ever get hurt from a bully, but they are. Bullies should be fined, suspended, or have a parent/teacher/bully conference about what they are doing to stop bullying!! Bullies just put people down and no one needs that.

  • Bullies are just kid like us, but need to know that people have feelings.

    Many people have been a bystander, bully, or victim. I myself have been a victim of a bully no one would have thought of. By best friend turned on me because I started hanging out with other people. I talked to her and she tried to get me to leave a GT program. She was the only one I trusted with my secrets then and she had to spill them to where now, I haven't spoken to her in 5 years. No one believed me when I said she was a bully because she was a teacher's pet. She got away and now gives me a dirty look every time we pass. Bullies need to calm down and look at what they are doing from someone else's eyes. I have been bullied so many times, I started to cut. DON'T BE A BULLY!!!

  • Victims need to toughen up? How about bullies toughen up and stop wasting energy on picking on others

    There is nothing gained from bullying nothing at all. Victims end up pushed to a corner dreading to go to school not getting a proper education and are deficit in learning how to live socially. Bullies never learn anything they're just relieving themselves like one does with drugs just to feel good for that moment. There is the rare case where victims stand up for themselves, but seriously that will be their whole school life, trying to muster up the courage to stand up for themselves, and still be deficit in education and social life. These victims will grow up knowing of nothing but revenge and getting back at others, they will stand up against issues there is no need to stand up against, they will waste their life getting angry, and that anger is the only thing they will adhere by and have a purpose to. Bullies get in the way of kids wanting to do what they want to do that should be setting them towards their career choice but bullies throw them off the path. Then there's the tragedy that happens when the anger gets so high that these victims will gun down the school.

    Bullying is not okay at all.

  • Too many bullies!

    There are too many bullies out there who pick on other people! The bully makes the victim feel bad about themselves. Plus, there isn't usually anyone to help them because either they are scared too like the victim or they don't see the poor kid being bullied! Give them harsher consequences to teach the bully what is right! They need to know what the victim feels so they will never do it again! And also, if you see someone bullying someone else, go tell a teacher or stand up for the victim, DON'T BE AFRAID!!

  • Bully's need understanding,

    Those children are raised under harsh conditions normally, or never taught the consequences of their actions, but it's not exactly a child's fault that they became the way they did. Instead of teaching these young bullied that we abhor and reject them, we should spend some time talking to them and figuring out why they behave as they do. We have a chance to nurture and encourage a child who's only form of attention is usually negative. Imagine how much of an impact we could make if someone actually to the time to show them they cared. More punishment? No. But more attention and understanding? Definitely. The problem needs to go away, but I suggest that the whip be thrown away, and instead the sympathetic conversation be applied.

  • No, they should not

    So long as the bullies are not infringing upon the rights of freedom, privacy or the ability to learn, then bullies should not be punished. Why should these "bullies" be forced to accept societies or the schools model of morals? Don't these so called "bullies" have the right and freedom to express themselves (so long as they are not harming the rights and freedoms of others)? I agree that bullies who are violent, or who interfere with learning, or restrict the students freedom or privacy in any way should be punished. But too often I see people being classified as "bullies" simply because they do not share the same values as others, or like to do things differently.

    Just my own experience.

    Posted by: WXL
  • No they shouldn't

    Most likely bullies bully because their circumstances at home or in their life are not that great and/or they feel insecure about themselves. Some schools have zero tolerance for bullies, so they suspend bullies. What can be worse than suspension. When kids are suspended from school they are most likely to end up in criminal justice system. People say it's the bullies fault and the victim is a helpless child. The victim obviously doesn't deserve to get bullied, but it's not the bully's fault that his situation causes him to bully other people.

  • The consequences are already too harsh

    Many schools have a zero tolerance for bullying and quickly suspend and expel kids for the act. But many kids are not even aware the behaviour they are doing is bullying. Others are just complying behaviour they see at home or bullying because they are hurting inside themselves.

    Bullies do need discipline but not to be kicked out of school.

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