Should there be health warnings on tobacco products?

  • There Should Be Health Warnings

    Of course there should be health warnings on tobacco products. They are unhealthy and cause tons of deaths a year, so why wouldn't there be? I personally believe that it should be illegal for tobacco companies to withhold the health risks and not inform their consumers about products they sell.

  • Consumers should be warned of the health consequences of tobacco.

    Tobacco products can cause serious health problems and it is therefore absolutely warranted to provide health warnings on these products. If someone chooses to use tobacco, that is their choice but it is important that they are at least aware of the damage they could be doing to their health by choosing to do so.

  • Yes, tobacco products should come with health warnings.

    Those who purchase tobacco products should be fully aware of the health problems these products can cause. The side effects of health issues should also be clearly detailed on the tobacco product. Once people know the ways they are putting their health in jeopardy by consuming tobacco, they are free to choose whether or not they continue using the product(s).

  • Yes, there should be health warnings on tobacco products.

    Tobacco products should have health warnings on the labels, such as a list of side effects and diseases that the products might cause. This is to warn users of risks so they can make an informed decision. These warnings should not include, in my opinion, graphic pictures. Other products that cause diseases do not have pictures on them (such as a picture of an obese person on a carton of ice cream - over consumption of ice cream might lead to high cholesterol, weight gain, heart disease, etc.).

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