• High school sports are important

    As a high school student I play multiple sports and without them in school many students would just do worse things like smoking or drinking. Sports keep kids in shape and keep them from just sitting around and being lazy. Competition in high school can be very important. They can also help you enjoy high school more.

  • Yes Yes Definitely!

    Because there is no more YMCA sports or AAU or Pop Warner in high school, its important for students to play for their high school if they want to play sports. Its better to compete against other high schools and giving out more sports to students than there is to.

  • We need them

    America would not be the same without school sports there to boost the morale of kids and schools. What would Friday nights be in small towns without school sports? Also, without sports kids may spend their time doing other things like smoking or drinking. Therefore school sports are the backbone of our school systems.

  • Yes, there should.

    High school sports are very important to the school and the students. The sport helps bring in money for the school buy selling random things while there, food drinks, sometimes pay for admission. Also the sport is good for helping to teach students discipline and knowing that they can be rewarded for doing well in school.

  • There should not be high school sports.

    School is an environment for education, not for games. If students want to play sports, they should be free to do so outside of school. Schools should not waste funds on something like sports. The purpose of school is to produce workers for an industrial economy. Athletes are not necessary.

  • No, we don't need them

    American education ranks 20th in the world for math, science and reading. Countries that are better than us do not put as much emphasis on sports, they have sports as a side activity like intramurals and leagues but not the emphasis of school. American children are no different from students from other countries and are fully capable of being the best in the world if they put as much effort into school as they did to sports.

  • They are getting too competitive

    High School Sports should be ended or made safer because its not about how much fun your having any more. The kids that play these sports are getting beaten up by the other players. Sports are getting too competitive and dangerous. We need to take action or let kids suffer.

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