• Yes, more research is needed before a child is diagnosed with ADD.

    I think that there should definitely more home studies done on a child's life before they are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. I think that there have been too much of a willingness of doctors to diagnose kids with ADD these days. There has too be more research done before such a diagnose.

  • ADD Diagnosis Requires a Wholistic Approach

    Often, children are diagnosed with ADD when there are other factors that could cause a change in behavior or an inability to concentrate. By looking at the child for a number of hours, or even days, in his or her home environment, health care providers can get a better idea of what other factors might be affecting the child.

  • Yes, that would be good.

    I think the ADD diagnoses is given out way too easily. I do think that ADD is an actual disorder and I do think that kids need to be medicated for it sometimes, but perhaps home studies would shed more light and give us alternative treatments to this disorder. Seems to be a consequence of society.

  • Home studies are not necessary to diagnose ADD

    It is my opinion that most children with ADD exhibit the same or similar patterns of symptoms that make home studies an unnecessary step in diagnosing them with ADD. I feel that most doctor's who treat this disorder can be very precise in their ability to diagnose ADD in children.

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