Should there be international controls over food prices?

  • Food prices should not be about profits

    In fact, I personally think all basic necessities should be made affordable. Housing, health care, clothing and food. People can't be to productive if they can't afford to eat. They could split foods up into 2 groups, one of necessity and fringe benefit type foods. This way, people who want to get rich can make fringe benefit foods. Since that is what everything is about anyway. We now have a global economy, so this is going to have to be solved by the whole world.

  • No there should not be.

    No there should not be international control of food prices as certain food can only be produced in certain parts of the world, and this is their main source of income and economic growth. They use this to trade off or sell at higher prices to countries that can not produce it.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I do not believe there should be international controls over food prices. I believe natural fluctuations hold the prices down and they should not be tampered with. Food prices are too high in America also, especially given the quality of food, but I don't think price controls will do much to help the situation.

  • Different situations, different prices.

    No, there should not be international controls over food prices, because that would lead to food shortages and famine. There is not one person or organization that is so smart that they would succeed in determining food prices for the rest of us. Each nation needs to set its own policies.

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