• Taxes are needed.

    The taxes on the internet are needed to make sure that everyone taxes are not continually raised.
    There are consistent votes via cities, states always wanting to raise taxes for one reason or another. I feel everyone needs to pay in or else if you don't want to make everyone pay internet taxes then everyone should get to buy everything offline at tax free. This is never going to happen, so that's exactly why the internet taxes need to be paid in. It's not right for internet businesses to make more profit than they really should when all offline business have to collect in taxes to be paid out and not pocketed for themselves. All businesses should be run the same whether offline or online, as far as taxes are concerned. You can't have it both ways!

  • No, there shouldn't be internet sales tax.

    There are already enough charges placed on the consumer for purchasing online as it is. Internet sales tax is just another way to stifle the free economy, and it would cause more harm than good. Consumers would be angry about the additional charges and businesses that utilize e-commerce would see profits fall. Instead of searching for ways to add more taxes, it would be a better option to revise the current tax system altogether.

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