• Kurdistan Can Be Formed Out of Three Countries

    Kurdistan can be formed as part of three different countries--Iraq, Turkey and Iran. Kurds have wanted independence for decades and have yet to gain such freedoms from other nations. Kurdish freedom may hurt the other countries in terms of territorial loss, but the alternative is less favorable if ethnic Kurds are discriminated against.

  • All people have the right

    All people have the right to self-determination, and there is no reason that the Kurds should be any different than others. A Kurdish state would be fairly easy to carve out of the map and the main thing stopping its formation is political - three countries don't particularly want to lose large areas of their countries.

  • There should be Kurdish self-determination.

    There should be Kurdish self-determination. These people live in an area by themselves and they should be allowed to continue and make their own decisions. I think it would be unfair for Iraq to step in and force these people to comply with anything that is made. I think they should be allowed to create their own seperate state.

  • Kurdistan Should be Independent Nation

    Northern Iraq, otherwise known as Kurdistan, should become an independent nation so its people can live in their own culture. Kurdistan is also made up of parts of Turkey and Iran. The ethnic population has a right to determine their own destiny and should become an independent nation. Kurds have wanted this for years without success. Now that Iraq isn't under the auspices of a repressive regime, it's time to listen to the Kurds' demands.

  • Kurdish Should Be Able to Determine Statehood Themselves

    Without a doubt, Kurdish self-determination should be allowed. These people live in their own distinct region, which should become a separated state that has nothing to do with Iraq. Iraq has oppressed the region in various ways, even though it deserves to be recognized as its own state right now.

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