Should there be laws banning gay marriage, if so, would it be constitutional and why would its passage benefit the majority.

  • Check out this great book called the Bible

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  • Gays are evil

    Gay couple are don't work and some times can cause a fight by saying people are racist if they don't agree with being gay. I'm a Cristian so I think it is gross that they have a law angsts as a wife or husband. And I think the law should be enforced.

  • Yes, there should be a law against gay marriage.

    Yes, there should be a law against gay marriage. Gay marriage is a sin, and completely unnatural. It is a choice to be homosexual and there is no proof otherwise. Homosexuals are also unable to reproduce. Some people also say it is unfair towards gays but that is false because every man in America has the right to marry a women and every woman has the right to marry a man. Homosexuality is a choice for humans who are insecure about them selves and should be outlawed.

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  • There should not be laws against gay marriage.

    Arguments given for the law |Counter statement
    It is a sin (Against bible) |Separation of church and state
    It is for humanity's perpetuation|We are already overpopulated
    It is not marriage |Yes it is. Marriage is a bond between lovers.
    It is unnatural | So are guns. Right to bear arms.
    It is against the norm | So was thinking the world wasn't flat a long time ago.

  • No laws should be made against gays

    Its fine to be gay. It is simply who you are. You should not be restricted to who you want to marry simply because of their gender. And sure, you may not be able to have children but it is fine, the world is way overpopulated. And the two retards who say yes, they have no evidence against this.

  • Human rights are constitutional

    Banning gay marriage is a direct form of discrimination and takes away people's basic rights that they are born with. A ban would be highly unconstitutional as the supreme court has proven. If two people want to be married, why should they be stopped. Religion cannot dictate what happens in society.

  • No, Absolutely Not

    All of the opposing views i have read on here are or sound extremely nonintellectual. I know LGBT+ people that are Christian, Catholic, Jewish, etc. religion is irrelevant if that is your only argument. As 'Christians' you choose everyday what parts of the bible to follow word by word and which parts not too. Because if you did you could stone someone for arguing with you. In the bible it says love and respect everyone and most Christians choose not to follow that. For you getting to choose if i get to marry someone i love or not because of YOUR beliefs dumbfounds me. That is like saying i cant have a piece of cake because YOU are on a diet. Why should someone i love and what i do in my home have anything to do with you. Maybe i don't like you but you don't see me trying to pass a law banning religious peoples from saying stupid crap. What i do in my home is my business, what needs to change isn't gay marriage but rather peoples respectfulness. And if we're saying being gay is a sin, trust me you do just as many on a daily basis you just don't want to acknowledge. And even if gay marriage is banned, it wont stop us from being gay.

  • So cause you don't like it no one should be able to?

    Just because you believe something doesn't mean you should enforce it on others who think differently. How would you feel if the Bible was banned?

    It's not in your business who someone loves. What they do in their love life is their business not yours. And sense I need more words here they are.

  • Who cares if people are gay?

    Who cares if people are gay? If I was gay, how would it affect you? It is like me saying "Can Muslims be with 2 people at once", I mean why should others care? It is their problem, not ours! So I say, people can be gay, SO WHO CARES!

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