• Regarding Amendment 2,

    It simply was about the military and the right to have a military. It said nothing about the individual.

    How can you sleep at night knowing that your neighbor has a gun (unless he is a hunter)?

    Guns do nothing more than harm other living beings. There is no real reason for an individual to have a gun (again, with the exception of hunting).

    If you want to learn self-defence, take Tae Kwon Do lessons instead.

  • Guns kill and serve no purpose other than to kill

    The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment. There is precedent for a nationwide, constitutional amendment that would revoke the ability to legally own, transfer, or use a firearm out side of police and the military. Half way laws are not going to be successful.

    Hunters may not like it, but they can buy meat at a store. For all others, we pay taxes for police to protect us, and if you need more, but a baseball bat. Nearly 30 people a day die in gun related deaths. What kind of nation are we when we say a persons hobby should be sacrosanct and are willing to let innocent children die because we don't want to take away guns?

    If we ever want to even try to be a civilized, or great nation, we should get rid of our two century old beliefs that these devices make us safer.

  • Yes they should be outlawed

    The only weapons that should be allowed are stunning ones. Hunting is not right the only people who are legally allowed to kill animals without a license are the one who provide food in the market. Also someone could have a gun get mad and kill their next door neighbor. The only exceptions should be active military member or government officials. Maybe if guns were outlawed world peace would get somewhere

  • Only with a license

    Banning all guns is only going to ignite tensions among all gun right activists. While it is our constitutional right to own a gun, it is also our federal governments job to ensure everyone can be in the pursuit of happiness and success. It is completely unconstitutional to revoke the rights of another American citizen. Yet every time you turn on the news you always see new highs for shootings in the most violent cities in America.

    My theory is these violent crime cities are highly under policed and the ones who are creating the violence make up a very small minority of the population. Yet these are the ones who destroy everyone's hopes and dreams. Ignorance is the greatest threat to this county. With these people killing or intimidating anyone trying to seek an education to escape the ghetto and the failures of their neighborhood. Yet these people are treated with respect and play the victim card anytime they are called out for their crimes claiming it is not their fault. Yet they are holding guns they easily bought, or they have their girl friend buy the weapons for them because they cannot legally buy these guns.

    I would like to see actual restrictions placed on dealers. These weapons dealers actively are aware that they are illegally selling guns, and I see this all of the time. The ATF does next to nothing to actually enforce these laws with weapon dealers. From my experience weapons dealers will always claim they had no idea and follow the law. Yet if you are to preform an AUDIT of their financial statements you will find that most are on the verge of bankruptcy. It is highly likely that these weapons dealers will be more inclined to turn a blind eye to anything that might be illegal and will make it look legal to ensure that they obtain a sale.

    By having the ATF actively enforcing and sending in bait customers to probe these weapon dealers in high risk areas we can slowly stem the flow of guns to people seeking to destroy other peoples pursuit of happiness.

  • Guns kill. Stop it

    Guns kill children, 10000 per year. Do you want your children to live in a world were not hey need a gun to stay safe? Guns are unacceptable, and anyone who has a gun should also have 15 years in jail, no way around it. Guns kill. That should stop.

  • Ban All Guns

    Anyone caught with a gun should be sent to prison for 20 years. This is the only way to reduce the number of people killed by guns. We will never be able to protect everyone 100 percent of the time but this would be the most effective solution to the problem. Gun Ownership = 20 Years

  • Guns to protect ones self

    If we give up our guns we may as well say, Islam here is the USA for you to run. If the coach in Fl. Had had a gun Cruz would have been shot immediately. When are people going to get out of their dream world and realize no event, school or church can be gun free. Gun free zones are open target for a mentally ill person. Women need to protect themselves especially concerning abusive mates. I understand Mexico outlaws guns and I don't consider that a very safe place. Somehow the bad guys find a way to get hold of a gun. Maybe when all those girls getting killed along the border, had had a gun they could have stopped their killers. Anybody that thinks our country would be a better place wiothout guns is living in a fools world.

  • Laws against gun laws.

    People kill people...........Guns don't kill people. The law breakers will never follow any gun laws passed or written, only the law abiding will. How many more gun free zones have to be attacked before we all wake up? There is no other way to stop a bad guy with a gun that another good guy with a gun.

  • We need to uphold the Constitution

    Above all, we need to support the Constitution. It's clear that the PEOPLE have the right to keep and bear arms. If Americans circumvent the Constitution for one thing, what's to stop others from doing the same? Don't like the right to bear arms? Ratify the Constitution--don't try to dilute it with legal tricks.

  • The right to bear arms does not equal the right to own a gun.

    We do not allow people to own bombs, we could extend this ban to firearms without violating the second amendment. I think we should. The shelf-life of guns is long, but if it takes 100 years for the number of guns to drop significantly, I will be happy my grandchildren live in a safer, and indeed freer society.

  • 'A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms

    Shall not be infringed.'
    Many think they know...Now YOU know...Look for the COMMA after free state. That comma means a separate, but inclusive group...The right of the PEOPLE, to keep bear and keep arms....Please tell me you know how to read a sentence correctly, and support the rule of law. That is separate, and allowable under the law too. Which means, you don't have to belong to a militia, group of gun owner, or friends with the sheriff, to own and keep a gun, if you so CHOOSE...It means you also have the choice to ANY gun. However, If you want a howitzer in your front lawn, check with your neighbors first

  • We live in a unique Nation

    This website explains it better than I ( ). On a personal observation, if firearms laws did any good in stopping violent crime no problem. But if you take the FBI's statistics as true, bans and strict laws on honest citizens don't.

    Before I moved to New Jersey with my wife, I carried concealed, I also trained 2-3 times a month, more than what 98% of the LEO's train, yes I did have a permit. After I moved I turned it in as Jersey may issue (but won't) so if I call the police it will take three minutes or more for them to get here, when they do my wife or I will be dead.

    In the time I had my permit I never had to pull my pistol, you may say then why carry. I'm glad you mentioned it, do you wear seat belts or other safety devices during you daily activities? If you do why? They found out seat belts do save lives like steel toe boots save your feet.
    So if the Second Admendment is so hard to understand here is another document that might help. The Articles of Confederation Article 4 ststes; "The better to secure and perpetuate mutual friendship and intercourse among the people of the different States in this Union, the free inhabitants of each of these States, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States; and the people of each State shall have free ingress and regress to and from any other State". Now you can read things into that also, as it goes into commerce. If you read anything into that, you can only freely travel if you are doing commerce and not going on vacation without showing you State government travel papers. In reality we are given the "right" to go to what ever State we want without showing travel papers.

    The want of the Government to take away the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed has been on their todo list for a long, long time. So it is time for the hard question, why do you not want us citizens to keep and bear arms? Is it that you are affaid of getting shot? Well if you are how about getting stabbed or even beat? Remember if you want safety you will always loose your freedom, in that you still will be loosing your saftey.
    "Those who will not fight for freedom, will have nether freedom or saftey". (Author-me)

  • I'm not for having all the guns, but having none is dangerous.

    The pure fact is that we don't need guns for everyday life-- they tend to cause more harm than good, just seen in the last year. But neither should they be available to just anybody for any reason.
    I know this will mean getting the government more involved but they have a right to protect us as a primary function. If that means that some type of sanity test should be given to those applying for a gun license, so be it. Much like a Driver's License, the user of this item suddenly has immense power that should be regulated and monitored for at least the first year or so of owning the gun (Like a permit on a license).
    But not having any guns won't stop the problems. I'm not advocating for teaching school children to wield firearms, but if you take away all guns, those who obtained them by amoral means will suddenly have much more power than they do today.
    In conclusion, guns should be regulated, not outlawed, much like any other use of high-powered machinery.

  • Guns Should be Legal

    Outlawing guns protects criminals, not law-abiding citizens. Consider, for example, the high violent crime rate in Chicago, where guns are illegal. Of course, most of these violent crimes involved guns. If you take guns out of the hands of responsible people, you make them powerless. You give the criminals and the government the power instead.

  • Criminals by definition don't respect laws

    If someone has the propensity for murder then what makes people think that that person would respect any gun laws anyways? They will just go buy their guns in Mexico or from somewhere else and then commit their hideous crimes. Many criminals get their guns in illegal ways anyways, so gun laws will not stop murder.

  • No, guns are used for sport too.

    Guns are in our right in the second amendment. They can't take that away from us. Taking guns away wont stop killings either. If somebody really wanted to kill somebody, they could get a gun. What about all of our other weapons that can kill people; criminal activity won't go down, it will go up.

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