• Yes, there need to be.

    I agree wholeheartedly that there need to be laws enacted to protect the obese. What is happening to obese people today is no different than racism and racial profiling. Obese people are bullied, looked down on, made fun of, and treated as sub-humans without feelings. Obese people should not have to endure being disrespected and publicly humiliated.

  • Yes Yes YES!

    Specifically those with emotional and physical problems. I am overweight, and I'm not saying airlines should make huge seats and what not. But I do believe that people have the right not to be harassed over their outsides. Obese and overweight people are not stupid, we are keenly aware that American society wants us to be thin. When we are on the checkout line, there is a rack of magazines promoting diets on one side, and a rack of candy bars on the other. We get the message that all women need to be blonde super models (men get a pass if they are wealthy) and despite child birth, hormones, periods and the fact that food is everywhere, we need to look like celebrities who have personal trainers and enough money to buy organic vegetables. We get it. BUT we should not be beaten, threatened or intimidated for the fact that we are not there.

  • No new laws are needed.

    I do not think we require laws to protect the obese. For the issues that they likely need protection from, ordinary laws that prohibit harassment and bullying will suffice. I think the obese would benefit from extended spending in nutritional programs and weight reduction surgery options. It's a public health crisis, not something that requires shaming.

  • No, obesity is a choice

    Obesity is a choice, and therefore, people should have to live with that choice. Some people are more predisposed to being overweight. However, to become truly obese, one must constantly make poor lifestyle decisions. I don't even know what types of laws could be put in place to protect obese people. protect them from what? Themselves?

  • No, not at all

    There should not be laws to protect the Obese. This is just getting silly, now. This is like someone asking if there should be laws against offending people. Don't like what someone has to say about you? Deal with it or say something back to them. People seem to have lost their collective spine.

  • not at all

    no, just since you are a person that is obese does not mean that you need any special treatment at all. I think that you need to be treated just like any other person, and that you do not need to have any laws that are going to save you.

  • Specifically the obese? No.

    Until obesity is considered a protected class (and I don't think it should be), those with it deserve no special attention as far as laws are concerned. Should laws exist to protect the basic rights of everyone no matter their health? Sure. But I can't imagine what potental laws would specifically help obese people.

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