• Leave people alone

    In many cases the courts have constantly ruled that what people do with their own bodies is their own business, so the obese should not start being judged either. If the obese get discriminated against, then who is next? The overly thin? Short people. Obesity should be discouraged but never discriminated against.

  • No, there shouldn't be laws that protect the obese.

    I do not think there should be legislation that protect the obese. I think that obesity is something that can be prevented. It is up to the individual to take responsibility for their actions. And when somebody is obese, they shouldn't be rewarded or protected for their bad choices in life.

  • Obesity is a preventable condition

    Obese people should not be protected specifically through legislation. Obesity is not a minority status that cant be avoided. Specifically, obesity can be fixed through certain choices. There are a few conditions that may turn a person obese beyond their control, but these are not common conditions that are the cause of obesity. Obese people choose to be the way they are, unlike a race or a sex. If Obese people want to be treated equally, they can choose to not be obese.

  • No, there should not be legislation to protect the obese.

    There should not be legislation to protect the obese. In the majority of cases, obesity stems from a personal choice to, for example, not exercise yet continue to ingest high amounts of calories. I believe that legislation protecting the obese will only increase the obesity epidemic within the United States. Legislation would give obese people a means to rationalize obesity rather than confront the problem.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I do not believe there should be legislation to protect the obese. People who are obese need health care and they need to address their health problems with a doctor and make strides to correct them. Obesity can be the result of many different health problems and all of these problems need to be addressed. We shouldn't offer protections to people who simply need to take better care of themselves.

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