• Yes, Campaign Finance Should be Transparent

    Yes, I personally believe that we should be able to see just who it is that is responsible for the millions of dollars candidates get to spend every year to sway the minds of voters, have luncheons with union members, fly around and out of the country, and the many other tasks involved in campaigning. Clearly I'm not going to vote for a candidate who has strong backing from an entity I don't believe in, because when it comes to the almighty dollar, I'm not sure if my vote will keep that candidate from supporting his multi-million dollar constituents.

  • No, more

    There should be more disclosure. It should be known where that money is coming from and who is providing that support. If there is nothing to hide than there is nothing to worry about. If something fishy is going on than that is when candidates want to hide of cover something up.

  • Campaign Finance Needs to Be Transparent

    Campaign finance needs to be more transparent with huge companies making political donations to super PACs. A public race needs to have public disclosure of where donations are coming from in federal races. How can candidates be trusted to govern if the American people don't know who big donors are? There should be more disclosure instead of less in this modern world.

  • No, more discloure is needed in campaign financing

    I feel there is currently not enough disclosure in campaign financing in American politics, and the majority of voters are unaware of the primary sources of candidates' campaign funding. Additional transparency would at least give voters more confidence that the candidates they are voting for haven't been financed by entities that are expecting favors in return once they are elected.

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