• There should be less homework in middleschool.

    There should be less homework in middle school. The amount of homework that is being assigned just cannot be done unless you come home and sit until ten or eleven at night doing it. Most grades in school are assigning a minimum of three to four hours of homework a night.

  • Homework makes kids stressed

    Homework makes no sense, you come home after a whole day of work and then you do more work that makes no sense. I bet if teachers would hate it if they had to grade tests every night, plus they're doing it for money, why don't we get paid for dong our homework?! Kids just get stressed with all of the work work work.

  • Ho Homework for everyone

    Less Homework
    Kids every Monday through Friday are stuck with a lot of homework. When students get home after seven hours of school they are expected to do lots of homework. This required work interferes with sports and family time, And other activities that are connected to school. I want the amount of homework that is assigned to young students to decrease.

    A large amount of students have after school activities that interfere with homework.
    According to a new national survey posted on the website Public Agenda, “79% of America's middle and high school students regularly participate in activities both after school and on weekends”. This means that we students often do not have as much time as we need to complete the homework. When students do stay up late at night trying to complete the homework, It has a negative effect on the next day.

    I understand that you may feel that homework helps children remember the information that they learn during the day. I see your point, However, Many children do not have a support system at home to help or encourage them to complete their homework on their own. This makes grades based on homework unfair to those children. Having less homework will also benefit the teachers because it would give them less work to do. Teach4theheart states “It wastes the students’ time doing it, The parents’ time helping do it, And our time tracking and possibly even grading it. ” As a result homework is a hassle for everyone. In conclusion homework can have a negative effect on both adult and kid.

    The amount of homework should be lowered significantly. Having less homework can have positive effects because it can highly interfere with activities in and outside of school and it can be bad for all ages. For these reasons, Homework should be lowered by a substantial amount because us, The kids, Need a break.

  • I need free time

    I stayed up til 11 doing a slide show about me for homework. That was only to learn about people. Then in math there is an absurd amount of homework they give out. Kid s are tired by the end of the day. That is why I believe there less homework.

  • I have sports

    Being a kid you like to do sports every kid does an you want to have fun after school. When the long school day is bonding and you want to just go play with your team but you can’t because you have homework. You stay up all night doing homework you don’t have time to even go home an relax you star doing homework an you can’t go, or do anything

  • Homework is stresssing

    I have tennis and i used to have stuff every night and its just way too much to do it in the morning and i tried to keep up but i kept having to stay up until 12:00 am once i did not get any sleep at all i need less homework!!

  • I have a life

    Believe it or not in the time I have left after school, eating, sports, etc, I don't want to devote it all to work. I need to relax. "Yay! Three hours of algebra!" Said no kid ever. I don't have enough time to do what I enjoy and balance three hours of homework and reading. No way in heck do I need more homework. There is only so much math I can take.

  • Yes, kids need time to relax.

    When the amount and type of the homework is reasonable and can be done by the student him or herself, then that is the right amount. But when it keeps middle school students busy into the late hours and does not serve much of a purpose, then there needs to be less of it.

  • No, they should keep homework.

    Kids need homework in order to reach their academic goals. Therefore, after class, we kids must review what we learned that day. Homework's purpose is to help kids because practice makes perfect. However, if they extended the day to 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, they would do the homework at school, therefore not needing it at home, but since this is not the case, homework is needed.

  • It really sucks

    L already have to much homework, seriously i play softball every day, all these projects and sheets are taking away my free time and sports. I think maybe 5 math problems is good, why do we need reading homework i know everything, i am a reading princess. I say less homework!!!!

  • No there should not.

    There should not be less homework in middle school, I think the homework set up is fine the way it is. Honestly I barely remember ever having to actually do any homework so I do not think it is an issue. I think if anything they need more relevant homework and less projects.

  • Less compared to what?

    This is a difficult question because it depends on the district. Some districts don't really give much homework at all and other gives a lot. There definitely needs to be a balance where the homework helps to clairfy learninga and to develop skill, or is it too much and not worth it.

  • No, homework is an important part of school.

    Even thought homework feels like a real drag when you're a student, it's preparing kids for high school, where the homework load gets even higher. And high school helps prepare kids for college, where a lot of learning is done outside of the classroom and requires self-directed dedication and hard work. So even though homework may not be fun, it's an important part of learning and preparing for the future.

  • Middle School Homework is a Good Thing

    No, there should not be less homework in middle school as most middle schools only send students home with an hour or two of homework. This homework is a good thing as it reinforces the material learned during the day. Without it, students may easily forget what they have learned.

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