• Abortion should not be a walk in the park.

    I support abortion when it comes to rape or anything else that counts as forced pregnancy.
    In any other case, if you are old enough to mess around with a random dude at a club then you are old enough to take the responsibility. If you "aren't prepared to have a baby" then you aren't prepared to have a guy shoot his load in you.

  • Depending on situation

    A/c to MTP Act 1971 pregnancy may be terminated between 20 week only when doctor advices . In India approximately 4000 pregnants die in a year due to unsafe abortion. Sometimes doctor finds malfunctioning in foetus after 20 weeks due to MTP act women are forced to remain pregnant. I think time limit should be increased upto 24 weeks for both mother as well as child safety . After 24 week abortion will be illegal because it is sufficient time to doctor to decide abortion. Time limit should be there because overtime abortion is a murder and also cause decline in the health status of pregnant women.

  • Partial-Birth Abortions Are Murder

    I do agree that women have a choice to do whatever they want with their bodies. However, abortions past the first trimester can be considered murder for several reasons. First is that fetuses can experience pain once the brain develops in the second trimester. Second is that three months (one trimester) should be long enough for most normal women to know they are pregnant with a child. Despite "reality" shows about people who claim they were pregnant and didn't know it, there is no excuse for having an abortion beyond the first three months of pregnancy. By that time, the pregnant woman knows how the child got there (consensual sex, rape, incest) and that should be plenty of time to find an abortion provider. The only exceptions to abortions beyond the first trimester should be health risks to the mother, cases of rape or incestual conceptions.

  • It is the same as murder.

    I definitely believe there should be limits on abortion. I do not believe that a woman should be able to have one once the fetus begins to have a heartbeat. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, this occurs around the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy. Even if a doctor cannot hear the heartbeat at this stage, the fetus becomes an unborn child as soon as it has its first heartbeat. Killing anything with a heartbeat is murder. There are laws regarding pregnancy too where if someone kills a woman who is pregnant, that person can be charged for not only the murder of the woman, but also that of the unborn child. In regards to the amount of abortions a woman can have, I believe those should also be limited due to the health risks involved. Abortions can not only lead to infertility, but have also been linked to depression and suicidal thoughts. It could even lead to death if not done properly. All around, abortion is not a wise choice for a woman. Instead, those who wish to not keep the baby should be given alternative options such as adoption, where they can have the option to stay in the child's life if they want.

  • There should be time limits.

    An abortion is really just the terminating of a pregnancy and getting rid of what is essentially a parasite on the woman up to a certain point. However, after a certain point, the fetus becomes a conscious being with a functioning nervous system, brain, and the ability to survive outside of the womb.

    I do not advocate for killing a being with those things unless it is absolutely necessary. I do not know the exact time line for the development of mental faculties and viability, which is why policies such as that are better left to researchers, medical doctors, and other authorities.

  • Yes, there should be limits on abortion in terms of how late in a pregnancy an abortion may be performed.

    I do not believe there should be a limit on the amount of abortions a woman can have. However, I do believe that there should be limits on how late in a pregnancy a woman can terminate. With that said, if a woman's life is in danger or the pregnancy is causing irreparable damage to her body, I feel that termination should be allowed to occur regardless of how late in the pregnancy it is. I feel that abortions should be limited once the baby would be viable outside of the mother's body (approx 26 weeks I think), except in the case of medical complications for the mother caused by the pregnancy.

  • Provide alternatives to abortion.

    Instead of allowing people to have an abortion within a short time period they should provide the girls with counseling and let them know all the facts. In addition to providing them with someone to talk to they should also provide them with alternatives and the consequences that many face after having an abortion. I believe that they should allow them to make an informed decision rather than make an emotional decision.

  • Yes, there should be limits on abortion.

    Currently, in most states, the time limit is 90 days after conception. I feel even that is too long. 60 days, or 45 days would work a lot better. At that point, a miscarriage is as likely to happen as anything anyway.

    I am pro-choice. When I say that, I mean I support the choice of the would-be mother as long as they meet established (and agreed upon nationally) guidelines. In my support of the woman, I also discourage abortions. My disgust for abortions comes from an experience at a younger age and I don't recommend them for anyone. Yet, I still support a woman's choice.

    As stated earlier, I believe there should be limits and additional changes. A woman should have a 30-45 day limit on time for a procedure. This would probably only make people who are not her happy i.e. society. I think they shouldn't have to go to an unmarked building in another town for the procedure. They should be able to go somewhere their doctor recommends to make sure its done safely. Along with that, there should be a limit of times it can be done, maybe at least one, maybe two. Having a reputable doctor perform these might help enforce/keep track of that number. Then the obvious rape/incest and whatnot still occurs. I feel permanently disabled fetuses are in that category as well, if it is discovered in the 30-45 window. Some people cannot care for a child with difficulties and it would be a burden on society if they gave the child up to the system.

    For those who stick to their spiritual arguments: This isn't a matter or what you BELIEVE is right or wrong, it's a matter of what's best for society and a woman's health. America doesn't need an overcrowding of orphanages and group homes to go along with the overcrowding prisons. All of which is where unwanted babies go. Also, the 'they made the choice, they should live with it' rule doesn't work because even if it's true, nothing is keeping them from abandoning the baby when born, which already happens daily.

  • What does the Bible say?

    Jeremiah 1: 5 tells us: "I knew you before you were formed in the womb of your mother. Before your birth, I chose you and appointed you to speak on behalf of the nations of the world. "In Deuteronomy 24:16 we read," ... Children should not be killed for the sins of their parents". In addition saying , in Psalm 139: 16, "You saw me before I was born. In Your book all is recorded; every day is determined before one of them was lived. "

  • Abortion laws restrict the ability of doctors to provide good care for patients

    Abortions should be carried out as early as possible, and as late as necessary. Slamming down a brick wall in the face of women who have slipped past the legal time-limit for abortion drives them to take desperate measures. For example, in the case of Sarah Catt, who was denied an abortion at 25 weeks in the UK. She eventually used misoprostol bought from the Internet to induce birth herself, alone at home, at 39 weeks, and is now serving an 8-year sentence. Had doctors not been afraid of prosecution for considering performing an abortion on Ms Catt, a solution could have been found that would either have consisted of her having a safe, humane abortion at 25 weeks, or her being supported to carry until a slightly later stage and be induced early, in a safe hospital setting.

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