• It's obvious yes

    I'm in school I don't care I only want more recess I am the best in my class, But I need to socialize. I'm doing this in English class, In school. O shit I need 15 more words, I will just do this not as the no guy without argument.

  • There should be longer lunch breaks at school

    Allows students to have time to eat their lunches, More time to study for other subjects and be less stressed about the workload the teachers has set for them.
    Not only it allows them to eat lunch and study, But it also allows them to socialise with other peers. Talking to teachers about due dates and assignments. Be able to talk to a social worker if they have any problems in or out of school. It gives them the benefit to feeling refreshed and energized to be able to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon.

  • I dint know

    I DINT f***ing KNOW. Um i need 43 words so im gonna put random shit on here, So like idk and idc im bored and have nothing to do with my life. PAY ATTENTION IN SCHOOL KIDS be a good students and always listen. K IM GONNA DO CYAA D

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