• There already is

    But the fda is too stupid to use it. There has been a NON hormonal male birth control shown to be 100% effective in India, they have a lot kids over there. The original testing started in the 90s. The problem is it cost like 5 dollars and last ten years. You can't make money that way. Especially when women's birth control is so profitable and the government will pay for it, so you as a company can jack up the price in the face of guaranteed payment.

  • Men are just as responsible as women

    It has always been women who had birth control and this is because they are the ones who actually get pregnant.
    And with all the different ways to control it, it may be painful and detrimental to the health. Men should have birth control because it is only fair to do so.
    Besides, when there are instances of unwanted pregnancy, it is always the woman's fault-- even if she took birth control. She is pointed responsible and in worse cases, called a liar because she allegedly wanted to tie the man into marriage with her by 'faking' taking contraceptives (which is absurd but is reality).

  • Off course there should be...

    There should be and there is. You just cant have it. Why? Probably pretty obvious, someone doesn't want you to have it. Wonder who would fight to have the sole control over getting pregnant when they want. Not to mention the pure profits and control that come from this business.

    Posted by: zoo
  • It should be equal.

    I don't think you should have to enforce male birth control, I think both genders should have no birth control specifically made for that gender. I think there should be child birth control, so we can use Earth's resources more carefully. If someone really wants to take care of more kids, couldn't they just adopt?

  • No Thats Stupid

    Why should one gender be forced to be controlled. Its already a proven fact the there are more women in the world then males because of the XX of women and the XY of men. So why would we want to limit even more how many men are in the world.

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