• Assuming birth control is a moral option for those involved, Responsibility must be equally distributed on men and women.

    Aside from the use of condoms, The responsibility of preventing conception or infection as a sole or nearly sole function of women is fundamentally flawed and product of a cultural trend toward removing the responsibility and commitment from sex. A healthy marital relationship involves a team of people choosing to yoke themselves equally with the responsibilities of marriage and sexual intimacy. For as arguably beneficial as birth control has been and has the potential to be, (setting aside how it contributes to the trivialization of sex in society) it has heretofore centered on women as the epicenter of procreation, As if to distance men from their part in the process and by proxy fro the commensurate responsibilities. A healthy societal outlook on sex makes both parties equal in the matters of the fruits of their amour, Whether or not I or anyone else may agree with how they choose to carry out their desires. I do disagree with the way sex and sexuality is being trivialized between the meteoric rise of the pornography industry and the popularization of the noncommital sexual relationship as is prevalent on sites like Tinder, And even the distancing of the responsibilities of sex from within a marital context, But I believe that in a country where people rightly have the opportunity to do something I do not agree with, Responsibility being shared equally is a worthy goal.

  • Yes Of Course

    If there ever is a safe birth control option out there for men then it should be available. Condoms are only so effective, So it would be great if another choice were to exist on the market so that men would have less excuses to use when it comes to reproductive responsibility.

  • "Should" there? If possible then yeah

    I think there should be more options for both men and women but it should not be rushed. Males should have more choice. Imagine if the woman lied about being on birth control for her and the baby to leech off of the mans fat stacks of dough. By the way, A woman can get a needle and poke holes in the guys condom when hes not looking. These are real possibilities and men should be able to protect themselves in more ways other than rubber or a vasectomy.

  • No there should not

    I believe that there should not be male birth control because I think that female birth control is already immoral enough. In addition, It may be unsafe for a man to use birth control. There should not be male birth control just for the sake of "gender equality" and "diversity".

  • I believe there should be so don't let the NO fool you.

    If it were possible to make a male birth control pill, Tablet, Etc. Perfect. However, In todays technology its not, And attempting to do so by 'rushing it' could cause catastrophic damage, Unlike female eggs which are in a woman's body from birth, Male sperm is produced and used. Suppressing the male Tes-Tes may cause irreversible damage. So until its a possibility, No i do not believe it should exist.

    Lastly, This should not be a Gender/Sex equality problem, Due to the fact sex REQUIRES BOTH PARTIES' CONSENT. Meaning that if precautions are not met, One can party can decline. Along with the fact that if both parties agree protection isn't necessary. It is BOTH parties fault.

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vipescortinbangalore says2020-07-28T09:02:47.533
No it should not
GuyIncognito1 says2020-07-29T13:37:56.900
nikoli says2020-08-03T14:40:44.113
Not only should there be, But it should be mandatory unless you prove you're mentally and financially able to have a kid. Over one third currently living below what it considered poverty level. Seven and a half+ billion people in the world currently with most experts feeling it will reach ten billion around 2030.

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