Should there be mandatory donations to the homeless?

  • Taxes are essentially mandatory donations

    When a nation uses income taxes to provide shelters and resources for the homeless, they are essentially exacting a mandatory donation. This is the hallmark of a good society: it cares for its weakest members as a matter of standard procedure. There are many reasons why a person may find themselves without a home, and as long as the system is equitably applied, it is just.

  • Its not fair to others

    Majority of homeless people can get jobs and some even get disability checks so its really no point of giving them money and donations because almost everybody in the homeless system get financially help and its not fair to us that we're working and earning our money while they're just waiting for somebody to give them something when they can earn money and things themselves like us

  • There is no such thing as a mandatory donation

    A mandatory donation can not exist. Donations are by definition voluntary. If you force someone to donate something then the donation is not voluntary at that point, which means that it is no longer a donation. "Mandatory donation" sounds a lot like a terribly wordy and dishonest way to say "tax".

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