• Not everyone likes the aame

    Cars are a world to me and to other people, Personally I think it should exist and they shouldn't look the same because that would appeal to more people and create an identity. Cars bring people together for talks, Racing or simply admiring it, It's like a whole new world.

  • The more the merrier

    It is fine that there being different types of cars meaning there must be more competition and more jobs available and therefore helping the economy. Although I do agree that they should all be trying to make their cars more safer for the planet and for people, there should be wide variety available to choose from because people love their cars.

  • Many car types

    There should be many types of cars becasue people want lots of choices. Some are expensive, some cheap, old people want cheap cars and rich people want expensive cars.
    Some cars are big and some are small. Some people have big families, and some have small, so they want big or small cars.

  • There`s too much pollution.If it`s electric cars then yes.

    I don`t like pollution and a lot of animals die from it.There`s no way they`ll survive from all that pollution.If you want to eat fish then stop polluting.I want to eat fish.The electric cars will not kill animals with gas.This is my opinion.I hope you agree with me on this.

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