• Simple anewer YES

    How many mass shootings do they have at airports that have metal detectors? Our airports are secure so lets secure our schools. Simple solution is have metal detectors and armed officers at all schools. Parents need to also known what their kids are doing and be part of their lives.

  • Better Safe Than Sorry

    This is a cheap and easy solution to implement. Sure, you might have a new dress code, but I think our kids' lives and safety are worth it. These articles that say it will cost several million dollars to install a metal detector are full of bananas. You can get one one Amazon for $4K. If each school had a few of these, problem solved.

  • Yes, there should be metal detectors in U.S. schools.

    It is unfortunate that this question is even being considered. In light of all of the school tragedies in the past 15 years it is imperative that metal detectors be installed in schools. This will better protect Americas youth as they are to young to protect themselves from these evil people.

  • Safety Issues Take Precedence

    With school violence and shootings making headlines almost monthly, metal detectors in schools should be a priority as the safety of students is paramount. There doesn't need to be any more senseless deaths at the hands of shooters. Kids can't get an education when they are too afraid they'll be shot at. Shootings at schools aren't just inner city problems any more--suburbia and exurbia must deal with this problem as there is no way to know when or where the next incident will occur.

  • Metal detectors are not the solution!

    The real issue at hand is people with mental health issues having access to weapons. I'm not saying ban weapons either, but make the process and training and tracking of utmost priority. Anyone wanting a gun or weapon should have to go through hours and hours of training followed by a screening process that checks all but your underwear size. In addition, tracking these weapons and those in possession to ensure their mental state yearly or at least every other year. In addition, extreme penalties for those failing to follow such measures to keep weapons out of wrong hands

  • People need to focus more on statistics and not anecdotes

    The people in the yes column are arguing solely from media headlines. Stop and think. Just because there is a shocking media story, even a few, even 10 does NOT mean that what it reports is representative, it does not mean that what it reports indicates a new trend.

    To really know if something is becoming more or less of a problem you need to look at statistics.


    Homicide and suicide in schools has declined. So has violent crime in general in schools. This is consistent with the nationwide decline in violent crime rates that has been going on for the past two decades.

  • No detectors please.

    There is so much stuff made of metal already. My tablets case has a magnet in it so i can shut off the screen easier. That would set it off. Girls who wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets or literally any jewelry will set off the thing. For older teachers, pace makers will set off the thing. Metal is not just in a gun, metal is legit everywhere. So, no metal detectors please, just search us instead.

  • No There should not Be any Metal Detectors Allowed in us shools

    No there should not be any metal detectors at school because i say it would be creepy for you to walk through a metal detector and your school has dress code your belt will cause the Metal Detector to go on the fritz. But i also have to say yes because it will be safe for the students.

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