• Yes, there should be

    I believe that there should be minimum prison sentences. It does not make sense to go through all the trouble to convict someone, just to send them to prison for a month. Also, if you commit a crime, you need to get more that a month of your life taken away to learn your lesson.

  • Minimum Prison Sentence-- Absolutely necessary

    When it comes to prison sentences, some can be seen as being completely ridiculous. For example, I recently read of a man who was sentenced to life in prison for solely stealing a $100 jacket. For this reason, I believe a minimum prison sentence should be in place. A person should not be incarcerated for doing something juvenile. With a minimum prison sentence, people will be able to go through the criminal justice system and hopefully learn from their mistakes.

  • Not all crimes are equal.

    If you created a minimum prison sentence then you would have to set things like a dollar value to stolen items that equal how long you are going to be in prison. Something like stealing a thirty cent banana would net you equal jail time to stealing a one thousand dollar TV. That would be dumb and worse than the current system.

  • No, I don't think there should be minimum prison sentences.

    I do not believe that there needs to be a minimum in prison sentences. I think that every cased needs to be judged accordingly. For there to be a minimum in terms of a prison sentence would be a unfair to the peopel and the law. I think such a policy would be tragic.

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