• Somehqat, or with limits

    I think it's simportant considering how many American teens grow up without morals. They run around getting pregnat, drinking, and being rude to authority. Hoewver it'd be hard considering some parents do not agree with others teachings and want their kids to gorw up with morals of that family. I myself would only like it if I approved of the morlas because honestly my morals are a bit different than American standards.

  • Yes, morals should be taught in school.

    I believe that there should be moral teaching in schools. Morals don't have to necessarily tied to religion. Morals are important so that people in our society will be more loving and accepting of each other. Morals help people make the right decisions. Therefore, teaching morals in school is good because you can instill them in children at an early age.

  • There should be moral teachings in school.

    Schools should teach students morality as long as it's not religion. For example, sex-education classes should teach kids to be safe and responsible. Also, teachers should make sure students don't cheat on tests. Some moral lessons are perfectly appropriate for schools. Religious lessons, however, should never be taught in schools.

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