• Zoos should have better laws

    Have you ever looked up "keywords" on google? Well, if you're specific enough you'll find websites on how some zoos kill animals. And how it costs 20 million dollars to get all the footage? Well, if you haven't you are a couch potato! You need to look up things like "fencing for zoos" because one kid slipped through the bars into a gorilla cage and he was dragged around a lot. So, are you going to deal with this or not?

  • Of course they do

    Animals are living breathing creatures just like us, and we are killing them. That is not good at all. First of, they are important to us, like killing them for meat, but for jewelry. We have also been killing them for fun. They need to be cared for, just like the rights we have today.

  • Animals need laws like humans

    Its simple. Animals live with us so they need protecting just like we do. We have a great police team so why dont animals? Animals have the same rights as us, or rather they should do! Animals need our help and this is the generation to give them that help

  • Animals should be loved.

    Animals have feelings and they want you to care for them. Not neglect the and beat them. Animal are living and the can died if we treat the poorly. Just thank of it like this, if you were an animal would you want to be beaten for know reason. Even if the were beaten for something bad the did there are other ways to deal with that.

  • Animal Protection Is A Must

    Animals were one of Gods creations. God put things on earth for everything to have a chance at life. There is no reason that one species should be more over powering than another. There is no good reason for people to hurt animals, it doesn't make the humans any better and its not a nessacary life need to harm animals.

  • Lots of animal abuse and neglect does happen more than we think,.

    I have gone to malls, universities, dealers, and so many other places and I see cats! I saw a woman driving in to the mall and stopping with cat food to feed aleast 8 cats . The scary part is they looked like they already knew she would feed them. I have had neighbors who feet the stray cats and they reproduce too quick! I believe making it mandatory to neuter stray cats must be a law. Too many poor cats are out on the street and reproducing at a fast pace.

  • Oh yes, absolutely!!

    Yes there should. No one has any right to kill or treat any kind of animal poorly. They are living, breathing creatures just as humans are. They have the same rights to live that we have. I mean unless they are a huge threat to people. But I would say yes. There should definitely be more laws on animal protection

  • We have high rules and regulations on everything else might as well put them to good use.

    Animals do not have voice they can not speak up for themselves; we go to great length to go against/support abortion and gay marriage. Why not but more protection tours mans best friend? Animals should not have to live in neglect in my opinion if you can not take good care of an animal then do not have one.

  • Animals need protection

    We do not have enough animal protection laws. Animals are dying in front of our eyes and yet we don't notice. Why? Poachers. Abusers. Sometimes even hunters who over-hunt. Animals are the ones protecting the Earth and protecting us. Yet, we don't realize it. Why do we have the right to destroy the animals when they only hurt us because they are scared of us. Why are they scared of us? Because we KILL them. That. Is. Not. Good. We should protect against that and put more laws.

  • I challenge you to name 4 laws currently on the books..

    You want to expand protection for animals, but you have absolutely no idea what laws we currently have in place.
    Question, how many laws does a poacher break when a poacher hunts a bald eagle? Will one more law stop a poacher?
    What laws govern protection of habitat? What laws prevent exploitation of dogs? What laws prevent or limit testing on animals?

    There are enough laws in place. We don't need any more laws on animal rights.

  • Animals need more laws

    Animal should have more laws. Now, laws are not good for animals. You might think that's enough, but animals are dying, because of less animal protection laws. Everywhere, poacher is poaching, and hunter is hunting. We should make more new laws for animals. Did you heard this word? "punitive justice" you will be paid back by animals when you help animals.

  • If yes, not now

    I doubt that more animal protection laws are required. There are regulations about what animals can you keep, how can you do that, and, how can the industry conduct animal testing. Most of the unjustifiable cases are already covered by law. What would happen if we would add one more law? Basically, nothing. Only a few cases would be governed by them. And even from these few cases, most would not actually happen: people often follow what they find moral. Also, most of the people don't even know what the exact laws are, thus, you could save nearly no animals. There are much bigger issues: economy, homeless people, global warming, just to mention 3.

  • Primarily for the normal person:

    There already exist many laws and regulations that exist for the possession of animals and the way in which they should be treated. I met a lady who claimed that she had being charged for possessing a 'pet' squirrel that she adopted when its mother could not be found. This story is not quite verifiable, but the fact that there are many instances in which animals receive better living conditions and apparently more protection that human beings.

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