Should there be more awareness of dyslexia in public schools?

  • Dyslexia Awareness Needed!

    A lot of teacher in my school district don't have a real understanding of Dyslexia and often get upset when my sister can't just go look up how to properly spell a word in the dictionary whenever she comes to them for help. Even her SSD-esque reading teacher has admitted that she doesn't know much about Dyslexia. I believe that this is wrong, and students won't be able to progress in life unless they have the support system they need in and out of school.

  • Bring Dyslexia Awareness On!

    Schools do need to make more of an effort to bring awareness to Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a serious issue to many people. Dyslexia causes additional learning struggles to students just trying to get through school. These students can be plenty intelligent and should never be discriminated against. The world needs to be better educated. The school systems can help do this.

  • No only when it comes up

    I don't think there should be more awareness of dyslexia in public schools. I think that teachers should be trained to look for it and if noticed address the issue. I don't agree with making a bigger deal about it though because then those who have it may be more open to ridicule.

  • We've Had Good Experiences

    In my experience the schools I've dealt with seem to have a knowledge of dyslexia, all of them being public schools. Their knowledge of dyslexia actually quelled my concern for my child, when he kept mixing letters up and still does occasionally. They were more than helpful in assessing his issues and providing feedback, therefore I believe our public schools are very aware of this problem already.

  • There does not need to be more awareness of dyslexia in public schools.

    People with learning disabilities need to learn to adapt. They should stop making excuses for their inabilities. Everyone has weaknesses, but they do not always need to be classified as a disease. The real world does not care if someone has trouble reading, and the sooner students realize that, the better.

  • It is one of many problems.

    No, there should not be more awareness of dyslexia in public schools, because it is only one of many problems that children have. Dyslexia is a big problem, but so is autism. We cannot sit around being aware of every problem that exists, rather than rising above the problems and simply learning. Dyslexia is not the educational fad it used to be.

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