• Yes, drunk drivers endanger everyone.

    Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone around them, not just themselves. Other drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. The drivers are impaired and can not hit the brakes in time. They won't be able to swerve or avoid an accident. If any one else spots the drunk driver, there is no way to predict what they will do. Even realizing a drunk driver is on the road is no way to protect yourself.

  • No, there shouldn't be

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  • No: There Should Not Be More Police Checkpoints

    Drunk driving is a social phenomenon born of a society that is deeply dysfunctional. Such dysfunction will not be corrected through the institution of police checkpoints, which are violating people's rights against unlawful searches. Increasing the presence of armed enforcers increases tension within society, and green lights force as a method for achieving goals. The plan will backfire as society continues to deteriorate, and as police continue to be exposed for their violent and pathological tendencies.

  • No, I don't think so

    If you really want to push DUI checkpoints, just install a device that doesn't allow you to drink and driver. If you have to blow on it, or a swab or your finger, something simple I guess,but the end result would be an engine lock. I doubt the man power for DUI checkpoints is worth it.

  • No, the odds are slim.

    Most checkpoints are just a nuisance and a pain for sober drivers. They have to stop and answer questions and are probably scared to death anyways. These things are more likely to piss sober people off than catch drunk ones on the roads. These checkpoints should not increase in number.

  • No, there should not be

    Really, the only way to stop drunk driving would be to put a breathalyzer into each and every car, and test people every time they leave their homes to drive anywhere. Checkpoints wouldn't work well enough. Fortunately, we have cars that drive themselves coming soon, and that will end drunk driving completely.

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