• We want more choices!!!

    This is coming from a 6th grader's point of veiw. School lunches should have more choices so kids can find stuff they like. At my school we are forced to eat 1 of 2 choices! Our school lunches are gross and are fron a freezer!! C'mon people there are cheap, healthy, and delicious alternitives!

  • We should change it

    I think that we should have a healthier lunch but keep some of the unhealthy desserts. Do you know what your kids are eating? 40% of all obesity in kids is caused by their unhealthy lunches at school. Most schools have salad bars but none of the kids use them because they rather take the tasty unhealthy food. Imagine your kids eating junk for lunch every single day. Do you really want that? Some schools have already taken away break. They really need to make it healthier. Michelle Obama said that school lunches should be healthier and they need to know what you are eating.

  • I am always hungry after lunch

    I always say to my friends, dude I am starving, then they say me too. I like the lunch, but we need more of it!!! Also with the bigger serving kids at the end of the line need to shove their food down their throats, we want more food, bring it to us.

  • More portions and better choices!

    Schools are practically just wasting their money. We can still have healthy choices for the ones who like it. We just need MORE choices. They give us better food, they throw less money, and less food away. Maybe giving us less lunch is the actual cause of obesity, because we are coming home and eating all the food we can, as well as much junk food as we can. So is the new program really worth it?

  • We Should Choose What We Want

    If we wanted to choose a unhealthy lunch for a day then we should! I don't want my school choosing what I have to eat that day. Some kids go hungry home because the school lunch is nasty. If we want to eat lunch at school then why can't we eat what we want? I say there should be more school lunch choices!

  • We should choose what we eat

    Everyone gets tired of them not being able to choose what food they want to eat rather than the school tell us what we have to eat. They food they feed us is sickening and gross why should we let them tell us what we have to eat. Give me more choices or give me Death!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi i like to change lunch

    Hi you need to change lunch so kids can have more of an veriaty instead of boring milk and other things so since you need more word i will write some random words hi
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  • Yes there should

    Yes there should be more choices for school lunches ok plus a lot of students really dislike the school lunches ok and yes I think that there should be more choices for school lunches ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok good bye

  • Absolutely ok 👌

    I think that there should be more choices for school lunches ok and yes I think it’s a good idea because students and children would all love it if there were more choices for school lunches ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok you hear me bye

  • We need more food

    I mean seriously they serve us chicken 3 TIMES A WEEK and they dont even give us any desert choices other than an oatmeal cookie and dont even get me started on the choices i mean all you get to choose from is chicken or meat so GIVE US MORE FOOD.

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  • Two options is enough

    You kids are saying that it won't cost the school much and your right, But the hassle they will go through trying to store the food will be ridiculous. Not only that but there are kids who would try to fit all of that extra food on the little tray they are given. Get over it and stop complaining over it your lucky the school even feeds you.

  • Students Are Complaining About Lunches Almost Everday

    Students complain about school lunches almost everyday. Some don't eat the lunch because they think its gross. Other students are vegetarian and don't eat the meat in the lunches. But like myself, some scholars are vegetarian and allergic to peanuts. The only vegetarian choice at school is PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES. My family thinks packing a lunch everyday for school is too pricey. Schools should add more vegetarian options like a salad with no meat, maybe even add a vending machine for roasted almonds are something.

  • Bring your own lunch

    BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH AND YOU WONT STARVE, students need to realize that not everything is going to go ur way. Be happy that cafeteria ladies work there butts off to make you guys lunches. And if you still dont like whats served, make your own lunch with your own god dam food

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