Should there be more choices for sports in school?

  • There needs to be more

    With more sports kids could find out what they like and have friends to do it with most kids don't start unpopular sports because they dont have any friends in the sport and are worried they will get laughed at but if it is school this problem will be reduced.

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  • Brain capacity and stress

    Did you know that sports can relive stress so if a child is stressed about getting good grades, sports will make them more confident about it? This can be for anything. It also expands brain capacity so it can be easier for children to remember things for exams in school. There should be more of a variety. Love it.

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  • Schools should have more sport.

    Do you want your child to have an very unhealthy life? In my opinon, schools should offer moresporting opportunities, since its very beneficial to your child's health. Studies have shown that students who play sport are mentally and physically healthy, they do better academically and they gain greater confindence and self-esteem.

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  • More sports more happy kids

    It allows kids to have fun doing a sport they love instead of being stuck doing a sport they dislike. If they do a sport they enjoy, they may exercise a lot more because they actually want to do that sport. More sports also allows kids to find out what sport they do like because they may not know what sport they enjoy

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  • It gives children more options to do what they love best.

    Some kids don't play sports because the sports that they love aren't in school. I know that people love the things that they do sometime or another. It can help them make more friends and give them opportunities that they might not have otherwise. Sometimes it could be a scholarship or anything that might make their life better in some way. They can be more fit and healthy It can help them lose weight if they want. Any sport can unlock millions of doors for them.

  • Yes yes yes!

    I love sports. I play two; volleyball and swimming. Where I go to school, there are no sports teams. Sports are good for exercise and your heath. If you choose the one that's right for you, you will have fun without you even knowing you're working out. Sports are the fun alternative to running on the treadmill!

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