Should there be more control over what can be bought with food stamps?

  • Yes, responsibly spend taxpayer's dollars.

    If you lend your starving neighbor $10 dollars, wouldn't it be disappointing to find that they spent it on a six-pack of Pepsi instead of a meal to sustain themselves on? It is essentially the same thing if our taxpayer's dollars are being used irresponsibly.

    Health increases your well being and productivity giving you a better chance to get an education/job so you don't need to rely on food stamps.

  • Yes, to promote healthy behavior

    Food stamps very importantly give food to families who can't afford it. These families historically have problems with healthy eating - as often less healthy food is less expensive than healthy food unless a family knows how to be healthy better. By providing food stamps specifically designated to healthy food, like fruits and vegetables, then families would inevitably eat them, as they need the food. This would promote healthy behavior and choices so hopefully, they would spend more food stamps on healthy things than not.

  • Yes, food stamps are meant to provide aid.

    Food stamps are supposed to be something that helps people and families who are truly struggling and need help just to be able to purchase food. Food stamps being able to be used on things like wedding cakes and other ridiculous things defeats the purpose and is part of why people judge those who receive food stamps and other government aid as being given freebies.

  • It's too complicating as it is

    People receiving food stamps have a hard enough time knowing what is approved and not approved on food stamps. Most families prefer healthier food options however the less healthy food usually ends up being cheaper so that is what families pick. If it is controlled to say exactly what a family can and can not buy they may end up still going hungry even though there is edible food around but their food stamps will not cover it.

    Posted by: jus
  • No, food stamps are purely support based.

    The idea behind food stamps is to provide support for a person in need. Their needs to be further education and access to healthy foods in poorer neighborhoods rather than more control over food stamps. Most people on food stamps fill their carts with unhealthy and highly advertised foods because they appear to be more bang for the buck even though there is very little nutrition in them.

  • No, food stamps are purely support based.

    The principle behind food stamps is to provide support to a person in need. The necessary change should come from providing education to these people to positively influence what they buy with their food stamps. Most poor families focus on bang for the buck, and especially on highly advertised unhealthy snacks, so their shopping cart ends up being filling and extremely unhealthy. There needs to be more education and access to healthy foods in poorer neighborhoods rather than stricter control over food stamps.

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