Should there be more education related to the dangers of over consuming sugar?

  • Sugar is the sweet poison that has us wanting more.

    Scientists and doctors have reached agreement; they classify sugar as a poison. Sugar is 8x more addicting than certain drugs, and causing medical issues such as Type 2 diabetes, Heart Illness, and Obesity. But, part of this addiction comes from media influence. So, instead of the media hooking us, children and adults alike on sugar, maybe they should educate us on the dangers instead.

  • Absolutely dangers of sugar has to be educated

    Sugar is part of our diet in our day to day life it leads to the obesity and children are the largest consumer of sugar. Every drink contain sugar at higher level .Sugar leads us to addiction. Many study suggest we have to drastically reduce consumption of sugar. Education about sugar consumption should be mandatory.

  • Without knowing people think they can over come

    When people are given a certain amount of important information but don't get all of the information, people think they can over come this situation. Eventually they will over consume the sugar but not know because of the information given in their earlier age. Health problems will eventually occur, but they will not understand until a doctors tells them ALL the information. At this point in their lives it is too late to do anything to help their health problems, because they were not properly informed about over consuming sugar.

  • Yes, sugar is not taken seriously enough as a potentially dangerous substance.

    Yes, there should be more education related to the dangers of over consuming sugar. It is well known that sugar, particularly refined sugar, is bad for one's health in a multitude of ways. Despite this common knowledge, it is not generally taken seriously as an immediate health threat, especially due to clever marketing strategies for many high-sugar products, which convince consumers that these products are completely harmless and safe. By educating the public, especially children, about the true dangers of sugar over consumption, people can learn why and how to consume less sugar and can better protect themselves against predatory marketing.

  • More Knowledge about Sugar should be in effect

    Yes, more knowledge regarding the harmful effects and dangers of sugars should be implemented in education systems. With diabetes on the rise and obesity making a new impact in today's society, we should be teaching our children the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to prevent future illnesses that could cause our children to become unhealthy.

  • Health is of the Upmost Importance

    I think it is crucial to be well informed at an early age of the best ways to keep healthy and maintain your body. Out bodies are the tools which enable us to work, have children and live longer. As such there is nothing more important than understanding how to look after ourselves.

  • Educate the Public on Over-consumption of Refined Sugars

    The public needs to be made aware of the dangers of the over-consumption of sugar. We need more than general dietary guidelines. The country needs a pro-active nutrition panel that reaches out to every corner of the media to encourage less sugar and more vegetable consumption, and also encourage a normal standard of daily exercise.

  • This is silly:

    There is no reason to believe that people are "unaware" of the "dangers" of overeating let alone overeating sugar. The reality is that people aren't ignorant of what sugar is nor what fat is but instead simply choose to live those lifestyles whether they are coerced by poverty or driven by simple desire. There is a point when personal responsibility exits the "Ignorance" phase and enters into the "Poor Choices" phase and the global 'epidemic' of obesity and the overconsumption of junk food has blown that line a long time ago.

    I cannot think of anyone who is not responsible, as they are either consumers or too young to make such dietary choices to begin with, for this particular behavior.

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