Should there be more family planning programs available to American high school and college students?

  • Yes,there should be more family planning options open to teenagers.

    There should be more famly planning options open to students in high school and college.Currently the information available may actually be different state to state depending on where one lives.The local politics have strong influence on the sex education in an area which means someone in the south may get a different education than someone in the north.

  • Teen pregnancy will happen

    Yes there should be more family planning programs put into effect. It is in the human instinct to want to start having sex about 17 years old, so teen pregnancies will keep happening forever. Because they will keep happening, more help needs to be there to help them out soon.

  • Need The Information

    I am not certain that more family planning programs need to be provided to American high school and college students, but they should certainly be made aware of available services that have already been implemented. These services are available but there should be information brought into the school setting so these students can learn about the services on their own.

  • High School and College Students Need Access to Family Planning

    Without a doubt, this situation is arguable for both sides. Each side must remember that they need to compromise with the other side in order to bring about the most preferable solution. Otherwise, leaving one party in the dust can lead to problems later on. Compromise is always the best solution.

  • There's only so much we can do.

    How much more can we really be expected to do for family planning in the United States? We educate kids from a young age that unprotected sex leads to babies. We make condoms available free. Birth control can be had for a pittance. Enough! It's time to stop saying we should do more and start blaming people for not taking precautions.

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