• Fish can be extinct

    If we overfish there would be no more fish if we keep on doing it. The species of fish can be extinct for lifetime. Research shows that we catch two and a half more fish then we need a day. If we kill fish what would the ocean be used for besides surfing and swimming. If we take away every fish in the ocean the people who depend on protein don't have to any more. Overfishing also has impact on the coral reef. I believe that we should make more restrictions to fishing in certain areas and stop or we could just catch the right amount then go ahead and catch to much and waist your time.
    Thank you this is Paige and Kelly

  • Overfishing is Destroying the Oceans

    Over 85% of the world's fisheries have been damaged by overfishing. People are being told to eat more fish because it's healthy but it's not healthy for the environment. We are taking fish out of the ocean at a rate that will destroy our fisheries within the next 50 years if continued. Industrial fishing should be majorly restricted or put to an end.

  • Way of living

    Fishing is a way of life for all the fishers, its how they were brought up. So if there were more fishing restrictions then some of them would most likely loose their job, they probably don't have qualifications so can't get a job anywhere else. This would then lead to an increase in global unemployment. So for fishers in the UK especially they then would be living off benefits and the tax payers would have less money. So overall more fishing restrictions would have a devastating impact on the global society today and in the future.

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