• More funding for NASA!

    NASA has brought us many things, and all for a meager .5% of the US budget.

    While we squander hundreds of billions of dollars on our military (a great deal of which goes to waste) some insist that we need to tighten the purse strings on our sciences.

    The .5% budget that NASA eats up some insist we cut, which is insane, as space travel has not only been very beneficial to our technological advancement, but will help the odds of our survival as a species.

  • Don't forget the big picture

    It is true that hunger, poverty, and education are necessities that deserve as much money as possible.
    Other than that, I think that we can put aside some of our consumerist desires to explore things that are more interesting than the latest social app. Did you know that some scientists think that Uranus and Neptune have oceans of liquid diamond with diamond bergs?
    What harm is being a little patient and giving up just a bit of our excess in order to explore a place like a diamond ocean with space probes?
    I think that people are ignorant of the true potential of what we can discover and learn. I can honestly say that spending money on exploring the mysterious beyond will give more meaning to our lives than spending money on fancier cars for politicians. Every new space mission brings with it a treasure chest of knowledge that benefits not just space, but our understanding of physics and science as a whole. This technology is transferable to other sciences.
    Space exploration should not be a competition. It should be about curiosity. The moon should not be claimed by any person, corporation, or country. It should just be the moon. Astronauts who go to space say that they begin to forget the trivial arguments that people and politicians have on Earth. Its hard to focus on that when one has such a large picture of space.

  • NASA´s funding should be increased.

    NASA only takes up less than .50% of the U.S budget. This should be increased for a few decades. NASA needs money to drive innovation, and innovation helps the economy. NASA will need increased funding to research more technologies that can be used here on Earth. Once NASA finally gets enough money for a few decades, they can set up a self - sustaining Mars base. Once that happens, it can be used as a spaceport for asteroid mining, which will pour in trillions of dollars when production is maximized. Once this happens, NASA will become a global exporter, and no longer need government funding.

  • Why we should pay NASA

    I think we should pay for NASA because NASA is about flying rockets and astronauts . NASA is saving lifes. The budget request is 18.3of money.It helps discover new things. The more we know the more Educated we are . NASA brought us many things. NASA has a small budget

  • YES in m yview nasa should have a budget of atleast 1 percent of the GDP

    We are destroying this would it is a fact. We are consuming the natural resources wiping out whole species and causing 10,000s of tonnes of polution.This world will not be able to support us in the future. If we want to continue to expand our knowledge and understanding we must look to space.
    If you look at the space race we achieved more in a short span of time than we had done for 100eds of years all because the funding and determination is there but what have we done since we have done an impressive amount of the meagre budget but nothing compared to what we could of done if the backing and funding was there.

  • Pure Research Always Pays Dividends

    This is the lesson that came out of two World Wars. Directed research may solve a single problem that you have right now but pure research will solve problems that you were completely unaware of. This is why we have the NSF. NASA has made better use of its funds than the overwhelming majority of tax dollars otherwise (mis)spent.

  • Grow or Die

    We need to pour more money into space exploration because it is vital to our future survival. On grows or decays, grow or die? I choose to grow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nuff said

  • We Don't Want to Monopolize Space

    I assume that if don't provide extra funding for NASA, we're deferring to private corporations to get the job done. Can anybody honestly say that they want a Google-esque company ruling the great frontier of space? Wouldn't you rather it be protected by government entities? I know governments aren't exactly everyone's favorite either, but we have democratic control of those entities, which makes it more likely we could exercise control over them.

  • Space Race For the Future

    I think space exploration should be government funded or we are likely to get "Avatar" space exploration with private funding-- exploiting other worlds, even possibly those with life, while government funded will give us something like "Star Trek" space exploration--that which is done to improve man's capacity. This is a long ways off from a manned mission to Mars. However I think space exploration is very important, that government is better equipped to tackle it, the possibility of making it a joint effort could promote peace and will more likely lead to a scenario where ethical guidelines are followed.

  • Nasa needs more funding

    Nasa could use some more funding to go to different planets. Yes we are getting a little more funding, Yes. But its not enough funding to go to another planet. If were ever going to re anact walle, We need more funding in our nasa budget for 2019 and on.

  • Should spend less.

    It is not worth it. NASA's budget for 2015 is about $18 billion. That's billion with a B. Why is it so high? Because it includes funding for programs that may eventually allow man to travel to other planets. With modern robotics, we can send a probe to get the exact same data for pennies on the dollar. It is also far safer. Of all the places we can cut the fat, this would be a good place to start as nothing of real value comes from sending man into space.
    If you think that sending man into space is important, by all means, invest in some of those private companies that want to do it too. Maybe if you have Bill Gates kind of money, you will be put on the list of people to be sent.

  • NASA's funding should be cut

    In historical context, most exploration has been in the name of profit. The Americas were discovered with the intent of finding Spain a new route to India to get in on the trade that Portugal had been enjoying for years. Columbus was a start up with investors who wanted a return on their investment. He needed to make money to pay back his investors and make a PROFIT. Employees of the British East India Trade Company were the first British in India. Their intent for being in India was to trade for a PROFIT. Unless NASA starts making money instead of leaching on the American taxpayer, I say that NASA should not receive more funding. The exploration of Space is for those with financial motivations because they know how to balance a budget, the government cannot even break even.

  • No, not anymore.

    Private companies like SpaceX have proven that individuals can take over space travel and do it more efficiently than government. Private industry always does things better than government, although NASA did accomplish great things in its time. The government does occasionally, rarely, come up with something good, but because of the nature of bureaucracy it always becomes rigid and overblown.

  • USE waste materials

    I think instead of pooling in more funds, NASA can take a cue from India's initiative wherein they have successfully launched MANGALYAAN in mars orbiter at a very low cost i.E just $74 million which is far less than NASA's MAVEN. Making use of available resources rationally and bringing in innovative and creative ideas can make space exploration activities cost effective

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