Should there be more gay people on tv? Like Disney princes and princesses etc...?

Asked by: ellen_rocks
  • I think yes!!

    I think that there should defiantly be more gay tv figures! I believe that kids should not only see straight characters because that will lead to them only thinking that straight is okay, when in reality, gay is okay too! :) I think gay and lgbtqa+ would all be good! We just need some diversity!! :)

  • Sure why not?

    The only reason one would think otherwise is religious beliefs written in a bunch of desert scribbles. None of which have factual evidence to be true.
    As well as this, homosexuality is proven to not be a choice, and is seen in many forms of nature.
    So kids should know about it, so they can experience all parts of the world.

  • Of course !

    Decades ago the idea of a black princess was insane and disgusting, blasphemous in the eyes of the religious white cishets. The facts are that being gay is natural, it is not a choice. The facts are that being gay doesn't cause you to worship Satan or eat baby's souls. Not only should there be more gay people but also LGBTQ characters and stop with the whole cishet thing ruling the tvs. Funny how nobody cares when a woman marries a Chimera, nobody bats an eye in a Disney movie; but when somebody suggests a gay or lesbian Disney princes(ess), everybody has a heart attack. I have this REALLY great idea, if you don't want your children to see it, don't let them watch it. I want to see a gay disney prince, a transgender princess or bisexual queen. By the way saying 'In America, less than 3% is gay, so they're a small minority'-- 3% may seem like a lot but realize that that is 4 million people. Why would I want my kids to see those immoral and unnatural heterosexuals marrying? How do I explain that to my kids!? *shrieks* it'll be the end of the world! Collecting rainwater is illegal is most states yet they do that in movies all the time, idk how you can explain that to your kids? They sky will fall and the cows will turn to stone. Please note the plentiful sarcasm.

  • Yes there should be

    Kids should learn that there are gay people. If they get exposed to this at a young age, when they grow up, they will have nothing against the idea of gay people. They will be more tolerant to the idea of gays, and they will accept cultural changes. If the parents don't want their kids watching, they don't have to let them. (Although I disagree with parents not letting their kids watch gay television)

  • There should be a gay prince or princess

    Why not?

    If you're against it you just don't let your kids watch the movie or if they do watch the movie you tell them that that's not what you believe in, just like racist parents have to do when their kid watches The Frog Princess.

    And if you're not homophobic then it's easy to explain sometimes 2 guys or 2 girls love each other like when a guy and a girl love each other.

  • Sure, but it's just a matter of time

    We will have equal representation of most sectors of society before the decade is through. We will have a more tolerant society within 40 years, and by the time I am dead, my kids will live in a nation that more closely resembles the dream of Dr. King.

    I truly cannot wait for that day. I wish I would be able to live long enough to see it.

    All it takes is for people to want it, and it will be.

    Ask yourself, do you want the dream of equality to be fulfilled? If the answer isn't a staggering yes, you're probably part of the problem.

  • I assume y'all don't deal with kids

    Have you ever tried explaining to a kid a complicated topic? The most famous is "Mommy, where do babies come from?". You can't just sit a 7 year old down and start explaining sex, they won't understand it.

    Try explaining to a kid that the character wants to change sexes in a Disney movie or that he actually loves his guy companion, who stereotypically is just meant for comic relief.

    Anyways, 3%-ish of the population is LGB that means disney princess 33 should be gay. We don't even have a Latino princess yet and you are worried about more gay characters?

  • Since there's no Mixed Opinions option...

    Here is my take on this. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't want companies like Disney brainwashing our society into believing that this is the norm, that this is how life works. It just seems... Odd to me. I don't know. This is a subject I'd rather sit down and talk to my kids about rather than have a corporation say what is and what isn't. That's my view of the issue.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, children need not be exposed to such things.

    Children are innocent and are not exposed to things such as gay marriage. Very few people are in fact homosexual, so it makes no sense to represent such a small minority to children who do not encounter such things. It could also lead them to believe that everyone is homosexual, which is inaccurate but could cause them to become homosexual later in life.

  • Why do people need diversity?

    Why do people need diversity? What's good about diversity? Let have people on TV who know how to act rather than just promoting people for the sake of buzzwords like "diversity".

    There's no evidence that gay people aren't represented well on tv right now. Leave it alone already, not everything has to be diverse.

  • Most certainly not.

    Keep in mind, i am christian, so my religious beliefs conflict with the debate. In America, less than 3% of our citizens are homosexual, so they are obviously a very small minority. When i have children, i don't want there to be a Disney movie where a prince sweeps another prince off his feet. When gay marriage isn't even legal in most states, how can it enter mainstream movies for kids?

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