• Yes, there should be.

    If we want equal quality of life for people, we need to start being more humane and give more government benefits to the disabled. This could be paid for by taxing the church, raising taxes on the rich, or cutting down on our bloated military budget. Easy to remedy financially.

  • The disabled need more help

    The disabled are on a fixed income. They get an increase in money when our federal government decides to give it to them. As all of our costs continue to rise, the disabled have to learn to stretch their dollar further and further. It will be even worse if Obama gets the minimum wage increase. It will bring more disabled closer to the poverty level. So whether it is more monthly money, increase in housing help, a rise in other benefits including medical, the disable do need more benefits.

  • How do We Know Who to Help

    I believe that there are many disabled people that are not getting all the help that they need or deserve. I also believe that many of the people that are on disability are there under false pretenses or are taking advantage of benefits that they can get, but do not truly need. It has become standard for mobility scoots to be used by the disabled. While I am sure that this is a life changing tool for some, for others is it not necessary and they would benefit by the exercise to move about or even to power the wheelchair with their arms. This is just an example of a way that disability benefits are taken advantage of. The real problem is how to acess who needs and qualifies for which benefits.

  • No additional government benefits for the disabled are not required.

    There is not, and has not been, any demonstrated need for additional government benefits for disabled US citizens. Disabled citizens in the US already qualify for Social Security Disability, Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Energy Assistance, and Income Tax credits from the federal government. Additionally they qualify for benefits from their state and local governments.

  • they seem to compesated pretty good

    It could depend though on how severe the disability is. As long as they can get the help they need if they are paralyzed and have enough to live. They should be fine. They all should have access to health care. Right now, I do not see any reason to expand benefits to the disabled.

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