Should there be more government control over companies that watch your online habits?

  • Yes i would rather trust the government than a international corporation.

    The government was created to keep us safe and keep order, so the the government may spy on us but its probably to keep us safe, but i agree the government sometimes oversteps. But i would rather be spied on by a government than an international Corporation! I put some faith in my government!

  • Watch out for the NSA...

    NSA, much? We all remember the past scandal. I can picture the headlines in my head right now: "NSA Spying on Phones"... Do we want people watching us? NO! That's what differentiates us from communism. Will they spy on us anyway? Probably. Should we go after the government or suck it up? I'd say the latter. Just clear your browser search history...

  • No, there should not be more government oversight involving companies watching online actions.

    No, there should not be greater government control over companies that watch online habits. The government is already overreaching in its current capacity. The US government is bloated and unable to efficiently and successfully perform its current oversight responsibilities. Perhaps a private industry watchdog organization would be best suited to provide oversight on these companies.

  • The Government Does It To

    Quite frankly I don't see how the government could over see other companies for doing the same thing they do. We need a separate watch dog group of entity that is free of the government. This marketing research sector is going to do everything they can to get your information, but so is the government.

  • Give us Freedom

    Personally I believe our online habits shouldn't be watched at all, by the government or by anyone else. It takes away from our freedom and we're struck with fear of the sites we're viewing. What if we accidentally end up on a site with a questionable topic and cops flood to our door because of our "questionable online habits?"

  • Yes, there should be more control.

    I think there should be more control over companies who watch your online habits just do to the amount of sensitive and personal information listed on sites. Also do to the fact that we have some unkind people out there floating around the internet waiting for people they can prey upon.

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