• Yes, the Bill of Rights demands gun use be much better regulated

    Gun laws should forbid the ownership of all weapons that are
    not used for hunting or self-defense. No one with a criminal or
    psychiatric history should ever be allowed to own or use
    a gun. No one should ever be allowed to buy a gun without a
    substantial waiting period and a thorough background check.
    The second amendment says America should have a well-regulated
    militia, but America is not currently regulating gun use well at all.

  • Yes more laws will help

    More gun laws that are stricter will help to fight the violence issues that go on in the world. However one should not view these stricter laws as the key to fixing the issue. They are only one step in a large process in which we really need a full reform.

  • Regulation is needed

    More regulation against gun ownership is necessary, even if gun owners insist and whine to the heavens about how most gun crimes are committed with illegally owned weapons. True as this may be, that doesn't change the fact that these guns are still ending up somewhere on the streets to be used in crimes. There need to be laws to circumvent this.

  • Universal Checks, Psych Evals, Smaller Clips

    It takes one bullet to kill someone, not 15 in one clip. Smaller magazines should be the norm and a ban on assault weapons should be in place. People who buy guns should have universal background checks from no matter where the gun is bought. Psych evaluations should also be included with background checks to make sure new gun owners can handle their weapons with care. There should be more gun laws, but Americans have the right own firearms to defend themselves and their property.

  • Yes, there is laughable gun control now.

    The fact that people can go to gun shows and purchase firearms that only a militia should have or would need and the fact that background checks are often left undone or are done half heartedly says that we as a nation need to make more laws to let us know where guns are.

  • Absolutely should be.

    Shootings are becoming far too common. I'm not suggesting taking guns away from people, but why can't we have more background checks. The vast majority of Americans can agree on this. But for some reason, this cannot pass congress. What is the issue of making sure people are fit for owning a gun? Only responsible people should hold the power that is a gun. That shouldn't be an issue.

  • Gun Laws Should Be Universal

    I do not believe gun laws should be more strict, however, I would like to see a universal gun law put in place. Each state has varied gun laws, meaning that a gun owner must know the laws of each state they live in and travel to or through. This has led to problems for some gun owner's when they leave their state.

  • There shouldn't be more gun laws

    Guns were originally made to survive and for the militaries of the world, And then they were made for the general public. But, They are being abused by people who weren't properly evaluated, Thus leading to deaths, But it's not right to enforce more gun laws to the people who never did anything wrong because they are just people who have a gun as a hobby, Or in self defence.

  • More gun laws=More laws for them to break

    As is, you can clearly see criminals breaking what laws are already in place. Making more is a waste of time and money, and will only result in more possible ways for them to break the law. I would say that we impose a more strict punishment. This can also be argued against because they look at life in prison or death as is. Obviously if they are willing to throw their life away, more strict punishments wont harm them any. Sadly, this is the world we live in today, where people don't care about the consequences to their actions.

  • There should not be more gun laws.

    There should not be more gun laws. This is because we have sufficient gun laws as it is. Adding more gun legislation would only further hamper our right to bear arms, which is being hampered as it is. There is no way to remove guns entirely or the criminals who use them, so gun laws should not be increased.

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