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  • Guns in school does not have to resort to guns in direct teacher possession

    Each school has security as well as officers on campus, although guns in schools sound terrifying, there is a need in today's society to have applicable protection for our children while they are away from home. I believe that guns should be in school but i don't think it is neccassary to have them in arms reach of each teacher. Because of the controversy i think there could be a medial ground in which this could be addressed. There could be a highly secure area in the school monitored and secured properly for school emergencies. There could be extra security training involving the use of a "gun safety room" and should only be used as a last resort in attempt to save students from death in the event of a shooting. Not to say that the offender should be shot down upon entry but again as a last resort safety mechanism.

  • Safety can be increased.

    If guns are given to teachers then they can protect themselves and their students from harm. It takes the police time to get to a scene. In that time dozens could be killed. If teachers are screened and trained they would be just as safe as a police officer. Some may argue that they may be tempted to use the gun for control or may be dangerous in the event of a breakdown. First of all police officers have a history of using guns for control and they have senselessly killed people. If more than one person has a gun I serves as a safety net because they will check and balance each other.

  • A knife can't stop a gun

    The answer if someone starts shooting shoot back the defend your class mates. Otherwise they are going to keep shooting. I agree with the person's argument above. Telling a criminals it's a gun free zone makes them think "Well there are no guns in there why not." It takes a while for the police to get there and by the time they leave the criminal is already doing damage. You might not ever get to a phone soon enough.

    Principles can make sure that they're responsible they can even put a safe in each class room. If you believe there are enough weapons in the schools then where are they? Where could they be? It's already a "gun free" zone!

    If we ban guns then that means the army can't have guns, the police can't have guns, no one can have guns.

    Remember we are not in a fantasy world, this is real life. Those who say yes join the NRA like me. Those who said no think about it.

  • Self protection in schools

    I'm 11 years old and yet I understand that guns can be good if the right person has it.

    If the American people can't have guns then that means the army can't have guns either, the police can't have guns, nobody can have guns. Why can't we teach our kids the American way. For each person to say no, I don't how you can. We came here to seek freedom from England and now Americans are taking that freedom away.

    Let's say your in a store and someone comes in and starts to rob a bank when you pull out that gun most likely they'll run.

  • We need guns

    As a high school student, i feel that if students were allowed to bring guns like a shot gun or hunting rifle to school and that would probably make school shoots less likely to happen. As a pro gun person and a hunter, i feel that we should go back to the old ways and let students with a valid F.O.I.D. Card should be able to bring a gun for hunting after school and if necessary defend fellow students.

  • There should be some teachers trained to use guns and provided guns

    There is no reason for rampages at schools to lead to multiple gunshot victims. Surely the mere presence of teachers on campus with the ability to use guns would be a threat to students would like to go on a killing spree at school, and yet the presence of these teachers with guns would also be a means of stopping these student rampages early, rather than allowing them to go on and see more deaths.

  • Yes, as long as they are carried by professionals.

    I believe guns should be in a room where ONLY police officers are authorized to get in. In this room at least two officers should always remain in the room ready to spring into action and be monitoring the entire school with cameras. All schools should have a minimum of four active duty officers. While two walk around campus with there regular hand guns making sure the students aren't doing things they aren't suppose to do (like smoking in bathrooms). The other two officers would be in the room with rifles locked inside lockers.

  • Self protection is a god given right

    Yes guns should be allowed in schools. Everything in our society that is worth protecting is allowed to have guns around for protection. But the government thinks that our kids are not worth protecting. Of course I'm not saying arm the kids but the staff should be allowed to carry a gun if they want. It should not be required. The gun free school zone law is another proven gun control failure and should be repealed.

  • Guns do not kill

    Guns are inanimate objects. Just as money does not grow without it being manipulated.It is our right as American Citizens to have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves. Education in such matters is essential for our children to respect gun use as defensive tools just like martial arts or any other weapon. We must regulate access, not ban the use of guns. Last month 20 children were stabbed to death in China, did they ban all knives? A criminal will find a weapon regardless of bans and other fearful tactics. WE must as a society face such issues with logic and sensibility, not punish everyone for what one person does.

  • No way!

    Guns should not be allowed in schools. Even teachers or principals should not have them. What if someone just starts shooting? The answer to shootings is not more guns. People who get guns should have to go through a very long series of tests in order to get one. That is the answer to shootings.

  • There Should Not Be Any Guns In Schools

    We do not need more guns in schools I personally think that we need less guns in schools these days. There is no valid reason for there to be guns in schools unless it is owned by a police officer. Guns in schools lead to negative things and it should not happen.

  • A little thought experiment

    Let's run through a little thought experiment.

    Say you have a fresh-faced, doe-eyed new teacher, 22 years old and starting their first day as a teacher. Now you've handed them a firearm and tell them that they have to have this gun with them at all times. Now the teacher might have a background with guns and be OK with that, but maybe they don't. Perhaps they're one of these 'pansy liberals' that get so much flack in the circles that think they should be armed. Well this teacher now has to make a decision, should they carry a gun on themselves and be forced to keep the student at arms length, thus hampering the learning environment, or should they simply let a multitude of kids get right up against the weapon?

    Well obviously we shouldn't be giving kids the opportunity to get at the weapon, and we don't want to hamper the learning experience, so let's give the teacher a gun safe to put it in.

    Now a few months pass and this safe is opened once or twice to check on the gun, because after all gun violence is still very minimal in the US despite what people on FB might shout. However this safe has to be readily available so that the teacher can get to it in times of emergency, but that means it's also readily available to curious and mischievous kids too.

    A kid will find a way to get into any locked compartment if they are determined to. Anyone who thinks this isn't the case hasn't been around kids.

    So now we have a kid with a gun, maybe the kid shoots a friend, maybe themselves, maybe the teacher. The point is this policy introduced the capability for gun violence.

    Now of course you can argue that 'good' kids wouldn't do this. And maybe you're right, but the schools that people always say are most in need for this sort of thing (impoverished, urban, etc) are also those that have the highest amount of children with various mental and behavioral disabilities.

    If you really think that it is a good idea to bring a gun into a classroom to 'protect' students, you haven't been in a classroom in a long time, or you're still an ignorant child.

  • There should not be guns in class rooms

    Why? Because it may cause more violence in the school and cause more school shootings. Kids may find the gun and use it against others. Also some younger kids may feel threatened with a gun in the class room. However assuming that any teacher and kid would not go on a killing spree yes it could be a good idea, but considering most school shooting are caused by children/teens it is not a logic idea.

  • Hell NOOO GUNS

    In Middletown High School, in Middletown, Ohio, gun control is not a big concern. This is problematic because no schools are immune to gun violence. For example, there was an incident in 1995 that caused some consideration for gun control. In 1995 there was a fight that escalated into a riot. Concluding the riot a student pulled out a gun and waved it in the air. Following the incident school officials took measures to prevent other weapons from entering the school. Such measures were: forcing students to enter school through one entrance and leave through one exit, no backpacks, no coats, and there was hall security on each floor that roamed the halls to prevent students from entering and exiting with leisure. Also cameras were installed in the parking lot as a form of intimidation for students trying to sneak in and out of school, and also to catch those that successfully exit and enter school at the prohibited times. Another form of intimidation was the large repercussions that come with violating rules, such as expulsion or long-term suspension. The preventive measures taken to keep guns out of school were effective. Months after the riot these preventive measures were stopped, leaving ample opportunity for guns and violence

  • It is bad enough.

    Some people are crazy and we don't need them to be allowed in school with a gun. If guns were allowed in school it would be even more dangerous for kids and adults. There are to many shootings for just any one to bring a gun to school. That's why I say no.

  • Tactics in school

    Despite a tragic spate of school shootings, recent statistics show that school violence has decreased. Still, hundreds of guns come into schools every year. Injuries and even deaths can occur on campus, and school leaders must develop strategies for emergency preparedness to prevent school violence—specifically gun violence—from occurring at their schools. Consider the following situation to help you think about the best plan for your school.
    On November 8, 2005, a security guard at Campbell County Comprehensive High School (CCCHS) in Jacksboro, TN, got a tip that a freshman boy had a gun. Assistant Principal Jim Pierce decided to get the armed student away from other students and teachers. The boy had come to school late that day so the unarmed guard was sent to bring the student to Pierce’s office to receive a tardy slip. Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Ken Bruce met them there.
    Pierce confronted the student about bringing a gun to school. Principal Seale reached for the student’s pocket. The boy reacted by hitting Seale’s hand, jumping back, and pulling out a gun. He fired at Seale, but missed. He continued to shoot, hitting all three men. Seale and Pierce continued to subdue the student, even after they were critically wounded. As they struggled to take the weapon away, it discharged again, nicking the shooter’s hand. Ultimately, the administrators were able to take control of the pistol and the student, and hold him down until teachers arrived to help.
    Although Seale was shot in the lower abdomen, he managed to call a lockdown and start dismissing students safely. Sadly, Ken Bruce died within minutes. Pierce was transported to Knoxville and was in critical condition for two days with a bullet just inches from his heart. He and Seale recovered and returned to their roles as school leaders of CCCHS.

  • Only For Major Staff

    Teachers are teachers, they shouldn't be able to carry a gun. It's not like a teacher is the smartest man in the world. The only thing they really have to do is read off their textbooks, it's not that hard. The people that should have concealed weapons are the head supervisors and that's it.

  • More guns is not the answer

    In order to stop gun violence in schools we must understand why the shooters do it. In order to understand we must get inside the mind of school shooters. Before we jump to guns we should use all resources such as metal detectors and mental evaluations.

    I understand that everyone needs an education. Thankfully everyone person does not need to enter a school to obtain an education. What I am saying is be more selective who we allow to enter school buildings.

    Let's take columbine shooting as an example. There were two type of shooter present that day:psychopath and psychotic. Eric Harris (psychopath) Dylan Klebold (psychotic) he was out of touch with reality. Had these mental illnesses been taken seriously columbine may not have happened.

  • How stupid can people be? No, there should not be guns in school of any kind!

    When there is a gun, there is an option to kill. Without guns, that option is removed. Arming teachers is a frightening, ignorant notion. I have taught in an inner-city school for over 25 years. There are far too many teachers and administrators who fall short on their ability to lead and control their own students effectively in the classroom. I'd be more fearful of them if they were armed. Not all teachers are stable people.
    It is the job of the teacher to teach. For protection. That's a job for police and the military personnel. It's a dangerous job. That is why their retirement is 10 years earlier than teachers. (25 years as opposed to 37 1/2 years in Connecticut.) Their job is to protect. I have no problem with a police presence in schools. I have no problem with National Guard presence in schools. That is their job.
    A teacher's plate is already filled to overflowing. We feed students breakfast and lunch. We care for students when there is no nurse on duty. We have lessons plans to write and lessons to teach. We have the stress of our own evaluations, students' report cards, parent conferences, the endless stream of papers to be corrected, the crazy Common Core and thanklessness that for all of our hard work, our students are still scoring poorly on standardized tests. Teaching is much more stressful than the average person realizes. I don't trust that an armed colleague won't snap under the pressure. Further, if teachers were armed, will there be an armed substitute in the event of his/her absence? No, the protection of students and staff must be delegated to people who are highly trained specifically for that job.

    The seriousness of the situation cannot be delegated to a few staff members. I cannot imagine a "lockdown" call over the loud speaker and then leaving the children in my charge unattended so that I, if an armed teacher, could go play superhero against someone armed with an arsenal of assault weapons and a deathwish. THAT would never happen.
    The protection of children is far too important to assign the task as an extra thing for teachers to do. Let law enforcement do their job and meanwhile, maybe I can teach my students something about respect for human life.

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