Should there be more independent or 3rd party governors, congressmen and senators?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • It would help a lot

    I'm a liberal, but I hate both the Republicans and Democrats because they act like children and refuse to work together on anything. We need a party more in between the two, someone who is more moderate and can act as a sort of link between the two. It's the only way we will get anything done.

  • It is an absolute must.

    We need many opinions to run this country. It is the only true way to represent democracy correctly. If we do not, we all fail due to not taking in the opinions of others that have something to say. If they have a good idea, they should be allowed to represent it.

  • Absolutely should be!

    I think with more 3rd party individuals running people will have more options, this will be the best method for change. We aren't going to change with the same left/right dance we've been having, in the end both sides are the same. Most Americans are in the middle or have very mixed views, many just don't vote because both parties just suck. I voted for Gary Johnson this last time or else I would have voted for no one. A wasted vote is a vote for someone you don't believe in. In fact, the system is just broken.

  • Crucial for a Proper Democracy

    How can you have a truly representative democracy if there are only two parties and both of them are just slight variations of eachother? Despite the rhetoric of freedom and democracy, the US is one of least politically engaged countries in the developed world and certainly the least representative of its people.

  • There should and there will be.....

    The schism within the GOP is pretty clear. As Erick Erickson said:" The GOP is a corpse and there's a battle in Congress over who gets to possess it."

    The Republican Party is dead. The remnant consists of Conservatives (Those who seek to reclaim the Constitution) and new-age moderates (those who feign Conservatism through symbolic gestures, but generally fold after a few days of fighting.)

    The GOP, after this last botched attempt to kill the Freshman Conservatives, is setting themselves up for a huge loss in 2014.

    It's bad news for both the GOP and the DNC, because the new Conservatives that will replace the blue-haired GOP fossils, will feverously represent their constituency. The reason Ted Cruz is hated, is not because he is Conservative. He's hated because he ACTS like a Conservative. How dangerous would a split GOP vote be, if Conservatives created a third party?


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