• International organizations are positive step towards a peaceful glaobal society.

    International organizations like the United Nations bring nations closer together. This allows nations to work together to solve global issues and create a more peaceful global society. These are just some of the positive benefits of global organizations If there were more organizations like the United Nations then the world would be a more peaceful place.

  • Not More - Better

    The entire idea of the United Nations is for it to be a single body to which any nation can appeal for help or apply for membership. What we do need is a United Nations with some teeth. A United Nations that could do more than adopt a resolution that amounts to little more than a finger shake and "shame, shame" at countries that enslave, kill, starve, poison and gas their own citizens.

  • There only needs to be one UN

    A global organization does not work if there are multiple organizations jockeying for position in the market. If another organization were to spring up like the U.N., it would instantly be labeled as a threat to the UN. Since the UN claims to be an agent of peace, any opposing organization must be an agent of war.

  • There Already Are

    If you think about it, the United Nations is an umbrella organization for sever international agencies. In a sense, there already is more than one international organization with the UN brand. Please, there are other regional organizations that function the same way. There's NATO, and then there is the African Union and much more.

  • We got enough

    No, I do not think that right not we need any more of these kinds of organizations like the United Nations. I think that we have plenty of them in place now, and that making another one would just complicate things a whole lot, which we do not need right now.

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