Should there be more intricate (and SLIGHTLY more strict) background checks and licensing systems for firearms?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • I 100% agree

    I think George Washington would not mind if we created a stricter system that did not ban ANY guns (except the most ridiculous of them all), but made it more common to have freedom loving citizens- who care about destroying tyranny and their children's future- rather than gang members who only care about their next crack pipe and bloods vs kripps.

  • Universal Background Checks

    Yes I believe we need to find away to combat illegal gun purchases through universal background checks. So that any individual who wants to purchase a gun be given a background check without any loopholes. I do not support in any shape or form a ban on guns currently legal in the U.S. I just believe that there should be more of a push for mental health and to prevent guns from ending up in the wrong hands.

  • I do support having firearms but who should have them is debatable.

    Firearms are one of the rights given to us in the Bill of Rights. Just to end this now it does say that we have the right to bear arms AND to gather as a militia. Supreme Court ruled them separate and independent of each other thus making it the right to bear arms AND the right to gather as a militia. Besides, how are you going to gather as a militia if guns are outlawed to begin with? Hey military? Got Guns? No, I don't think so. Back to the subject. Yes, firearm laws should be more strict. They already do a full background check but they should also do so with family members and make sure they have a safe place to store the weapon. As I already said, we should have firearms, but the people who SHOULDN'T have them shouldn't, not just the whole population.

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