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  • Absolutely not, there is enough organized crime in the world

    Statism runs rampant all over the world. It is a gross violation of the non-aggression principal and thus is immoral and evil. We are supposed to be trying to thwart criminals from doing their evil deeds, not giving them tanks and nuclear arms! Police are the soldiers in the war at home and like any war, it needs to end and be done forever.

  • Sacrificing freedom for security makes you deserve neither.

    The more law enforcement there is, the more brutal it gets.

    Just take a good long look at the rioting in the Middle East- battalions of 60 or so police officers shield walling a crowd and blasting them with pepper spray.

    Eventually you'll come to a point where no one will want to live in the US anymore, but will be forced to stay by their government because it can't accept it's own failure.

  • Increased Law Enforcement Encourages Statism and Decreased Privacy

    Law enforcement in its most basic form is a necessity in a civilized society. However, its increased presence sets nations on paths towards statism and the decreased liberties that come with it. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." He recognizes the importance of civil liberties as paramount, especially over false assurances of security.

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