• Yes, there should be limits.

    There should be limits on tracking through websites. This is because people have gone too far with tracking other people's lives. For example by installing tracks on other people's vehicles and electronics. From there, they are able to watch people's movement. This has promoted fraud and also theft in the recent times.

  • Yes, they're should.

    People should have some sort of right that privacy, and going online does not mean they have waived that. Unfortunately the right to privacy, especially online, does not really exist. Tracking people's movements online has gotten out of hand and the number of cookies websites use and the data they collect has become ridiculous.

  • Yes, there should be tracking limits.

    Tracking through websites should be more limited. The internet is such an important part of life in this day and age that tracking someone without their permission feels like a huge violation of privacy. Some things need to remain private, and people should still be able to do things without expecting to be hacked, traced, or tracked.

  • Everyone deserves privacy

    I think privacy is a right to everyone. What people do on their own time is their business. The only instance in which I see it being okay is if it is for some sort of investigation due to any sort of very serious crime. Otherwise the serious crime is the tracking itself. I don't want the government spying on anyone otherwise.

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