Should there be more local laws (yes) or would it only complicate things (no)?

  • Local is better.

    There should be more local laws, and it would not complicate things, because if there were local laws there wouldn't be as many state and national laws. It would not be overwhelming, because most of the time, a person is in the same small location every day. Local laws could be more tailored to individual problems.

  • Yes, there should be more local laws.

    I think that there should be more local laws. I do not think that doing such a thing would complicate things as long as the laws help to make the community better and safer. I think that the laws though should be logical and have a benefit to the problems that some towns face.

  • No, there should not be.

    Local law vs federal law already confuses things. Especially for people traveling state to state or from other nations. If you are a country you are a country, and it should be the same across the board. Besides, federal law supersedes state law in almost every single instance. It makes no sense.

  • No, I think a mix is fine

    I have seen the system move more towards a police state in the past decade. Its hard to say that more local laws would help. I feel local laws have their place,but Federal should as well. I think the Internet has posed new questions that haven't been answered, local laws might not help.

  • Less Local Laws

    I believe each locality needs some laws to address problems or what have you in the local community that are not covered by a larger government system, like the state or the federal government. This is necessary and needed. For many communities, I feel they have already done this and there shouldn't be a need for more laws. Each law restricts people, so it is best to keep them minimal.

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